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Cospito, the Rome prosecutor’s office opens an investigation into Delmastro and Donzelli

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Cospito, the Rome prosecutor’s office opens an investigation into Delmastro and Donzelli

Cospito case, lawsuits and investigations: in parliament it’s all against all

The controversy over the Cospito caseon the one hand the oppositions they attack Donzelli e Delmastro and on the other the majority insists on the offensive against the Pd for the visit of the parliamentary to the anarchist in prison al 41 bis and talks with the mobsters. Two motions from the opposition, determined to proceed together, and one from the Brothers of Italy. An investigation that comes alive.

Due lawsuits announced and a jury of honor at work, on the revelations made by Undersecretary Andrea Delmastro to his FdI colleague Giovanni Donzelli and from these denounced in the Chamberregarding the talks between Alfredo Cospito and the ras of ‘Ndrangheta and Camorra against 41 bis and life imprisonment. After the appeal of the premier, Giorgia Melons– we read in the Corriere della Sera – the tension on the Cospito case does not decrease which, less than a week from administrative electionshas doubled: for the opposition it is the case Delmastro-Donzelli and for FdI the depowering case of the 41 bis.

Waiting for the information from Minister Carlo Nordicof February 14, yesterday there was a war of motions between FdI and opposition which intends to meet together in the Chamber. THE Five stars – continues the Corriere – they filed a motion which accuses the undersecretary of having “abused his duties” and jeopardized investigations into mafia and terrorism. And he asks — to sign, among others of Conte e Raho Coffee — to start the revoke of the delegation a Delmastro.

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The Democratic Party has already filed another one which censors “the disclosure of confidential and very delicate information for the fight against the mafia and terrorism”, which shows “the absolute inadequacy” by Delmastro. And he commits the government to asking for them resignation. This could also be combined Action-Italy alive. Meanwhile, Fdi, at the same time, presents a text a favor of the 41 bis.

The prosecutor investigates for disclosure of official secrecy

Disclosure and use of official secrecy. As it reports Republicthe prosecution opens a file on the case of the undersecretary of justice Andrea Delmastro and the Vice President of the Copasir Giovanni Donzelli.

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