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Covid, one in 10 Italians anticipate Christmas gifts in fear of new closures: a “wild shopping” is planned for Black Friday

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Covid scares Italians: the advance of infections worries as much as the hypothesis of new closures just when Christmas already begins to be seen, between TV commercials and bright lights. And then it is better to move forward, anticipating Christmas shopping. More than one in ten Italians (14%) anticipate Christmas shopping by choosing to buy gifts to put under the tree more than a month earlier than usual. This is what the data released by the Coldiretti / Ixe ‘analysis say, which in its introduction explains: “The concern of the evolution of the pandemic and the choices that will be made to stop the growth of infections, with the green pass strengthened, are affecting the behaviors of Italians, from the purchase of gifts to the planning of dinners up to the booking of holidays for which worrying delays are highlighted ».

Returning to “early” gifts, what better occasion than the upcoming Black Friday? The occasion, in this case the data are provided by Codacons, will be exploited by 27 million Italians, 8% more than last year: “39% of Christmas gifts will be purchased during the week of discounts. 61% of purchases will take place online, while 39% of shopping will be concentrated in physical stores ».
What will Italians buy and give away for this Christmas? At the top of the ranking of the most popular products during Black Friday once again electronics and hi-tech, a sector where about 60% of consumers intend to make at least one purchase, says Codacons. Interest is growing in the clothing, footwear and accessories sector, which will involve 50% of citizens who will take advantage of the discounts, and that of health and beauty products (20%).

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If for gifts the choice is therefore to play in advance, other problems remain on the table of these weeks of panemia and fears. The possible color change of some regions, continues Coldiretti, “affects restaurant reservations for end-of-year dinners with a maximum limit of 4 people per table in the yellow regions”. Where limits are triggered for various aspects of daily life, starting from the obligation to always wear a mask both outdoors and indoors to cutting the capacity of places open to the public which drops to 50% for theaters, cinemas, halls for concerts and stadiums and 35% for indoor sports facilities.

The uncertainty, the investigation continues, also concerns 10 million Italians who, before the pandemic, had chosen to travel during the end-of-year holidays to go on vacation or join relatives and friends. “At risk there is an already severely tried production fabric – recalls Coldiretti – which hoped to restart after a Christmas 2020 marked by the lockdown and the substantial elimination of national and foreign tourist presences”.

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