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Covid-proof luxury villas for holidays

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Villa vacations offer, among other benefits, a much appreciated social distancing in the pandemic era, and the tour operator Emma Villas, which manages the rental of luxury villas and farmhouses in Italy, reports that its market segment has suffered. less than others in tourism. While the coronavirus has led to a -74% of the tourist turnover in the world, in Italy the rental sector of prestigious villas and farmhouses has recorded a low level of 25%, testifying to a certain ability to hold in an exceptional situation.

Emma Villas, which in our country recorded over 2,200 bookings in 2020 for a total of over 3,200 weeks of stays in 14 regions, confirms this trend. The sector was driven by the growth in presences of Italian tourists (almost tripled compared to 2019), who chose this type of holiday also in response to the health emergency. The Italians have booked with Emma Villas on average a week and a half, spending about 5,100 euros per booking, for properties that can accommodate between 4 and over 20 people per stay in an exclusive way to a single group of guests.

In our country there are about 2,400,000 luxury properties, villas and cottages, but a good portion is still unused, when instead it could represent an excellent opportunity for additional income: it is estimated that by renting a villa for an average period of 10 weeks an owner can earn between 15,000 and 70,000 euros per year. For July and August 2021 35% of the weeks available in Italy have already been booked. Foreigners want to return to our country and Italians confirm their choice also for the summer season: in order to get back on the road safely, they are once again focusing on Italian villas.

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