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Cracco, after the scoop of Affari sul rosso in the Galleria, tries again in Portofino

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Cracco, after the scoop of Affari sul rosso in the Galleria, tries again in Portofino

Cracco, from the scoop of Affari sul deep red in the Gallery at the shocking prices of Portofino. Here’s the menu

Starred prices, indeed stellar, those of the restaurant Charles Cracco a Portofino. Lo chef most famous in Italy has strategically chosen the location on Molo Umberto I, as if a cost supplement to the menu were necessary. And maybe, in fact, it is, if you look at his worrying entrepreneurial situation, revealed by Business. 7.3 million debts accumulated by the luxurious restaurant in Milan in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II of Milan, for which Cracco boasts a Michelin star, despite the not exactly popular prices.

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The same ones that accompany the Portofino menu, with which the former Masterchef judge wants to let you taste the best of its cuisine, in a breathtaking view version. Iconic dishes, such as caramelized Russian salad and marinated egg, but also revisited local specialties, such as Santa Margherita prawns supplied by local fishermen and traditional regional corzetti. The beautiful terrace steals the show, open in the summer from 6.30pm onwards. Indeed, the two terraces, because Cracco Portofino it is also a bistro, a café for breakfast on the marina, a cocktail bar for elegant aperitifs and after-dinner drinks.

And i prices? If already the covered (10 euros) cost chef Cracco some controversy, the cost of the aperitif does not escape criticism: it is easy to spend at least 50 euros for two cocktails and an appetizer. Not to mention the main courses, where the delicious “blue lobster” costs almost 90 euros, and the “seaweed crust” wins the second prize as the highest price, 66 euros.

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And if you want to try the menu tasting? 11 courses, which vary according to the availability of the garden and the catch of the day. Cracco says he wants to create a sustainable supply chain without waste; the 210 euros per person, on the other hand, they say it is starred chef not only doesn’t give in to the crisis, but aims higher and higher.

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