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Create a New Era After Cars and Join Hands to Win a New Future JD Auto Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group Jiyi Technology Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

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Create a New Era After Cars and Join Hands to Win a New Future JD Auto Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group Jiyi Technology Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony-Qianlong.com China Capital.com

Source Title: Create a New Era of Cars and Join Hands to Win a New Future JD Auto Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group Jiyi Technology Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony

On June 1, JD.com officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group and Extremely Technology in Beijing. In the next three years, the three parties will carry out in-depth joint construction in multiple fields such as products, channels, marketing, and services. The three parties will give full play to their resource advantages in products and channels, complement each other and work together to develop a broader business space, drive each other’s business growth, and jointly build a new benchmark in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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JD Auto is a one-stop vehicle purchase, vehicle product sales, maintenance service and new energy solution platform under JD.com. Its business has covered automobiles, motorcycles and equipment, two-wheel electric vehicles and equipment, automobile Supplies, accessories and services, Jingdong car maintenance chain service stores and third-party service network, offline new energy super experience center and other automotive innovation track business, providing cars for viewing, choosing, buying, using, changing and maintaining cars Consume full lifecycle services. It has formed a solid resource system and differentiated competitiveness in supply chain, service network and service capabilities, global marketing and other aspects.

Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group is mainly engaged in domestic and foreign trade. Its business scope covers auto parts, steel, building materials, coal, ore, petroleum, medicine, mechanical and electrical equipment, and real estate development. It has a number of special business licenses. It is a large-scale comprehensive business group with diversified operations. In the automotive sector, Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group has strong experience in the supply and marketing of auto parts and industry background, and has obtained the authorization of Changchun FAW’s core parts national and overseas first-level distributors, as well as the sole distribution rights of major online sales platforms in the country. Relying on its own service capabilities, supply and marketing system, and advanced digital system management modules, Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group provides leading auto parts solutions for manufacturers, consumers and merchants. In the future, through online and global networks, we will build bridges among enterprises to realize more possibilities.

Suzhou Jiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading digital retail integrated operation service provider and brand asset management partner based on JD Ecosystem and capable of global service in China. Driven by digital intelligence technology and efficient operation, the company provides customers with data operations and strategy consulting, digital retail channel operations including e-commerce, digital integrated marketing to consumer operations, comprehensive supply chain services, and technology solution supply And other brand core value full-chain services. The cooperation with JD Automobile and Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group marks the important development of the company’s layout from consumer Internet to industrial Internet services.

Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group has always been committed to assisting the industry to speed up product circulation, helping auto merchants and users to provide better after-car products and supply chain services. JD.com adheres to the mission of “many, fast, good, and economical” to help users and merchants provide high-quality products and an excellent shopping experience. Extremely Technology continues to help brands integrate resources, increase sales and increase market share, empower brands with more value, and assist Chinese manufacturing companies to complete supply chain e-commerce and branding. The three parties agreed that JD Auto is highly compatible with the development concepts of Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group and Jiyi Technology. In the next three years, Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group will usher in a breakthrough growth in business and achieve a A major leap forward in the automotive aftermarket.

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For this strategic signing, specifically, in terms of C-end, the tripartite joint JD.com self-operated official flagship store will be grandly launched. At that time, the three parties will jointly select products with high-quality advantages and targeted at C-end users. And with a comprehensive product line, competitive prices, and a complete service link, it will bring a better consumer experience to JD users. At the same time, Jiyi Technology can continuously optimize and improve the operation process through JD.com’s digital capabilities and C-end data analysis capabilities, and use the operating experience and advantages of the platform to cover more demanding users and help them solve the problems of daily car maintenance.

In terms of co-construction of B-end products and channels, the three parties will integrate their respective advantageous resources, jointly build a new ecology of the B-end channel market, and are committed to assisting the B-end parts market to stabilize prices and guarantee authentic products. And through their respective supply chain and warehouse distribution capabilities, speed up the circulation and transfer of parts in the B-end market. On the one hand, it will bring more cooperation possibilities for the industry and the sinking market. On the other hand, they will jointly select more and better products for the B-end. product. And take the product as the carrier, join forces to build a new channel ecology for the B-end, and provide better product and service experience for the B-end through the dual upgrade of channels and products.

In terms of upgrading the marketing cooperation on the car owner side, the three parties will jointly build a monthly brand marketing day, continuously expand their influence through JD. The product is pushed in front of it. The three parties will also jointly refine superior products, and create a professional global consumption scene with the help of diversified promotional combinations and assured purchase and installation services, so as to realize the integration of products and effects.

China’s auto aftermarket is expected to reach a scale of 5 trillion yuan, with broad prospects and promising prospects. The establishment of this tripartite cooperation means that JD.com will join hands with Tianjin Supply and Marketing Group and Extremely Technology to bring high-quality products and services and new consumer experience to the automotive aftermarket, and lead the industry to further innovate with the exploration of leading enterprises .

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