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Cross-industry “marriage” and “meat basket” enter the gas station

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Cross-industry “marriage” and “meat basket” enter the gas station

Release date: 2022-08-08 10:54

Source of information: Jiafu Group


On the afternoon of August 4, Jiaxing Foodstuffs Co., Ltd., China National Petroleum Corporation Zhejiang Jiaxing Sales Branch, and Wangjiahuan (Jiaxing) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. held a cooperation signing ceremony. Enterprises of all parties will give full play to their resource endowments and technological advantages in their respective fields, take the “production-marketing-delivery” of meat products as the basis, coordinate the layout and promote the development of the agricultural product industry, and effectively serve the “vegetable basket” project in Jiaxing, so as to provide more It is good to integrate into Jiaxing’s economic construction and make a positive contribution.

Tang Senbiao, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Group, Wang Qi, Member of the Party Committee and Executive Deputy Manager of PetroChina Zhejiang Jiaxing Sales Branch, and Tan Yixuan, Brand Director of Shenzhen Wangjiahuan Group attended the exchange meeting.

Under the new economic situation, food and meat companies insist“State-owned enterprises set up a stage and perform multi-party performances”, taking the introduction of high-quality strategic partners as an important method, actively transforming and upgrading, after extensive investigation, in-depth study and research, it is determined to join hands with the central enterprise PetroChina Jiaxing Sales Branch, the introduction is more open in the market tide Together with the active private enterprise Wangjiahuan (Jiaxing) Company, we will explore the future by complementing our advantages, integrating resources, and doing better and deeper, so as to seize the market. Cross-industry development is bound to bring the collision of ideas, the splash of sparks, and mutual learning and inspiration.

The partnership will bring together the food and meat company’sLive pig slaughtering and fresh sales, cold storage refrigerated logistics park andThree major sectors of deep processing of “big difference” brand meat products; PetroChina’s gas station convenience store non-oil business; Wangjiahuan’s national supply chain business, dedicated toTo better meet and guide market demand,Has a very broad market cooperation space.

In order to deepen cooperation and support the implementation of business goals, the meeting also held a signing ceremony for the cooperation between the Party Branch of Foodstuff Company and the Party Branch of PetroChina Jiaxing Business Operation Department. Team ideological construction, continuously improve competitiveness and service awareness, inject vitality into enterprise development, and make every effort to consolidate the foundation of enterprise development.

Move with the trend, take advantage of the trend, this cooperation is a cross-industry enterprise“Marriage” is a close cooperation between central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and other forms of ownership capital. This is a new starting point. The three parties insist on sincere cooperation, not afraid of difficulties, win-win, sustainable development, and strive to achieve good social and economic benefits.

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