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Customs Issues in Cuba: A Major Obstacle for Package Delivery

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Customs Issues in Cuba: A Major Obstacle for Package Delivery

Customs Delays Cause Frustration in Parcel Delivery to Cuba

The General Customs of the Republic of Cuba has been singled out as the main hindrance in the processing and delivery of packages on the island. Cubapack, a company that manages international parcel delivery in Cuba, has raised concerns over the delays in releasing shipments by Customs, despite having sufficient storage capacity.

Customers who have complained about delays in receiving their packages have often been redirected to Customs by Correos de Cuba, a leading parcel company in the country. This has led to confusion and frustration among users, who struggle to find reliable information about the status of their shipments.

Despite Customs’ claims of having real-time information on the processing phase of shipments, senders and beneficiaries in Cuba often remain uninformed. Excuses for inefficiencies range from increased demand and limited operating capacity to fuel shortages.

Recently, Correos de Cuba attributed delays in delivery to “objective factors associated with energy impacts and fuel limitations.” However, complaints regarding the processing of shipments to Cuba are not new and are not solely related to these factors.

Although changes in leadership and some improvements have been made post-health crisis, challenges in the parcel delivery system persist. While freight forwarders continue to profit, customers are left waiting for the service they paid for.

It remains to be seen whether the issues surrounding Customs delays in parcel delivery to Cuba will be effectively addressed to provide a smoother experience for senders and beneficiaries.

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