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Cuzzocrea explains to us what patriarchy is. He spreads militant “Cecchettinism”.

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Cuzzocrea explains to us what patriarchy is.  He spreads militant “Cecchettinism”.

Annalisa Cuzzocrea explains to us what patriarchy is

Who was left at the Patriarchate of Constantinople he remains perplexed by all this great talk that has been going on recently about patriarchy. It is in fact an obsolete word that he has withdrawn Elena Cecchettin in his proclamations on feminism and against all males. A word that recalls Abraham, Noah, Isaac so to speak. Old characters with beards and sticks who don’t understand what they have to do with our modern society.

Yet the appearance of a girl of just 24 years old was enoughwithout any experience and with sufficiently strange tendencies, for all the feminists – orphans of leaders for years – to follow her as in the fairy tale of the Pied Piper. We talked about it here

But Cecchettin is only the result of chance and necessity. It’s a different story for the feminists of yesteryear, those perpetually angry ones who went around in the 70s shouting “Tremble, tremble, the witches are back” and who on Saturday saw themselves again in their revised and corrected version with violent slogans like ” Toxic male you must tremble now it’s the witches who want to BURN you!”.

Feminists angry at everything and everyone, mixing support for Hamas and fighting against the Strait Bridge. These are certainly not people like Oriana Fallaci but emulators in search of media visibility and who know that they can only proliferate in their “ecological niche” catalyzed by the tragic event.

Annalisa Cuzzocrea seems to come, via a special time machine, directly from the 70s of the last century. It started from Piazza Navona, where carousels were made with shears to cut men’s tools, and materialized last Saturday at the Circus Maximus a few kilometers away. Aged in body, breathless in voice but with the same iconoclastic anger. For some time she has been at The print in the role of deputy director, after having vainly hoped to uproot him with the departure of Massimo Giannini, but the publisher left her high and dry by appointing Andrea Malaguti in his place.

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Well, Cuzzocrea, after Cecchettin’s appearance on the media scene, sensed the wind and launched a series of Old Testament-style podcasts on “patriarchy”. Cuzzo stands out, in a Moravian pose with her right hand under her chin. The section is called “Daytime” and it says that it is “Original Podcast” (and we wanted to see that they were also fake).

Entering inside you are in the magical temple of “cuzzopensiero” made of an imaginary world in which very evil males wander around to rape innocent girls and patriarchs with biblical beards dictate the law to submissive damsels, regularly whipped and chained. The titles that guide the latest posts are always those of “Elenian Cecchettinism with imaginative combinations and digressions on the theme, such as that of “Patriarchy and populism” which seems like a philosophical treatise and is instead just a messed up and philologically poor mantra.

The titles are examples of nonsense, this is populist, such as “The Meloni government wants more children in prison”, “Children are sacred”, The electoral flags of sovereignism”, “Meloni against everyone”. Then there are the happier titles: “The Precipice”, “The Contagion”, “Healing the Wounds”. And finally the trend of the aforementioned Cecchettinism: “Without Giulia”, “With Elena fighting for all”, and so on.

Cuzzocrea, like Elena Cecchettin, is exploiting a brutal murder to give grist to the mill of “toxic feminism” which last Saturday struck dangerously again by attacking the headquarters of the “Pro Vita e Famiglia” association. The murder of Giulia Cecchettin was the act of a single reckless person who alone assumed all the criminal responsibilities and not a “state crime” committed by a phantom Patriarcato srl. With all due respect to all the bad teachers.

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