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Dada and JD.com (09618) jointly launched “Hourly Shopping” to promote real-time retail

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  DadawithJingdong(09618) Jointly launched the “Hourly Purchase” business, which isJingdongReal-time retail is a unified consumer-oriented brand that corresponds to the retail model of “order online, store delivery, hourly or even minute-level delivery”. The goal is to penetrate 50% of the marketJingdonguser.

JD.com launched this business before the launch of Double 11, reflecting its intention to make efforts in the real-time retail sector, speeding up delivery to “hours” or even “minutes.” This double 11 promotion is expected to become an important tipping point.

“Hourly Purchase” byDadaFully undertake, bring JD home,DadaThe overall capabilities of distribution, Haibo system, etc., which have been cultivated for several years, are invested in “hourly purchase” to achieve a win-win situation for both parties.Compared with JD’s past retail business, the biggest feature of “Hourly Purchase” is the improved delivery timeliness

class. After placing an order on the JD App, consumers can receive the goods shipped from the surrounding 3km to 5km stores within 1 hour.

Since the trial operation, sales of the “hourly purchase” business have continued to grow rapidly, with sales in September increasing by 150% compared to January. During the JD 618 promotion this year, the cumulative turnover of JD’s mobile phone hourly service increased by approximately 10 times year-on-year.

(Article source: Economic Link China Station)

Article source: Economic Link China Station

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Original title: Dada and JD (09618) jointly launched “Hourly Shopping” to develop real-time retail

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