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Daily profit of 200 million yuan in the first half of the year soared by 32 times! How did COSCO SHIPPING make the “money printing machine”? _ Oriental Fortune Network

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In the evening of July 7,COSCO SHIPPING(601919.SH) DisclosurePerformanceAccording to the notice, in the first half of this year, the company is expected to be attributable to listed companiesshareholderofNet profitAbout 37.093 billion yuan.

In other words,COSCO SHIPPINGIn the first half of the year, an average of 200 million yuan was earned per day; compared to the net profit of the same period last year,COSCO SHIPPINGThe net profit growth rate of about 32 times.

However, after the market opened today (July 8),COSCO SHIPPINGHowever, its share price opened 6.75% lower.

  200 million yuan a day

  How is the “money printing machine” made?

The Red Star Capital Bureau has noticed that since the second half of 2020, there has been a phenomenon of “lack of containers” in the global centralized transportation industry.COSCO SHIPPINGStand out from the crowd.

  COSCO SHIPPINGIts main business has two major segments, container shipping business and terminal business.

On the one hand, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings conducts container-based cargo transportation and related businesses through its own container fleet; on the other hand, it establishes terminal companies in the form of participation, holding or sole proprietorship, and organizes the development of related businesses to obtain operating income .

As of December 31, 2020, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings has operated a total of 278 international routes (including international branch lines), 54 China coastal routes, and 80 Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River branch lines.

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At the same time, its holding subsidiary operates and manages 357 berths in 36 ports around the world, 210 of which are container berths, with a total annual handling capacity of approximately 118 million TEUs.

As early as the 2020 annual report, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings has become a “money printing machine”. The annual revenue was about 171.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.37%; the net profit was about 9.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.76%.

  In the performance forecast disclosed last night, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings still maintained a “street bombing” posture. In the first half of this year, its net profit was approximately 37.09 billion yuan. Compared with the net profit of 1.137 billion yuan in the same period last year, this figure is an increase of about 32 times.

Regarding the soaring performance, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings is inannouncementChina explained that during the reporting period, the container shipping market continued to improve. The average value of China’s export container freight index was 2,06.64 points, a year-on-year increase of 133.86%. At the same time, through a number of measures to ensure global transportation services, to achieve both volume and price increases, and its overall performance has achieved substantial growth compared with the same period in 2020.

  Open 6.75% lower today

  Shareholders have their own opinions

Although the performance forecast of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings is full of praise, its share price today opened 6.75% lower and ended at 31.03 yuan per share.

Regarding the stock price performance of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, stockholders in the stock bar have their own opinions.[Click to enter COSCO SHIPPING]

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Some investors believe that from the current performance forecast, the data is beyond expectations.Now investors should wait for the official interim report and possibleDividendsProgram.

“The interim report is only a bright card, and the third quarter is the real king explosion. Don’t think that the cycle is over because of a mid-term report (announcement). This may be the beginning of the journey.” Some stockholders said in the stock bar.

However, some investors believe that they are worried about the future trend of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings, and that the transportation industry is a cyclical industry. The risk of buying now is greater than the return, and all the benefits are bad.

“Look at other cyclical stocks. When their performance is good, they can explode, but after the cycle, it will be a dead end. COSCO SHIPPING Holdings is almost at an inflection point.” Another shareholder said in the stock bar.

  The stock price has risen 7 times a year

  Securities companies: freight rates are expected to maintain a relatively high level in the third quarter

In June 2020, the share price of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings in A shares was still hovering at around RMB 3 per share, and subsequently, its share price continued to rise.

On July 8, 2020, its closing price was reported at 4.28 yuan per share; on July 7 this year, COSCO SHIPPING Holdings’s closing price was reported at 32.60 yuan per share. In the past year, its stock price has risen about 7 times.

  Guojin SecuritiesinResearch reportPointed out thatEntering the traditional peak season of the third quarter, the phenomenon of replenishing inventory continues, and the logistics supply chain is affected by the disturbance of the epidemic, and freight rates are still expected to remain at a high level.

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  Guotai JunanIt is also believed that, supported by the simultaneous support of demand and supply, the high freight rates of ocean routes continue to be firm. Looking forward, the demand for replenishment of inventories driven by the recovery of the economy after the epidemic is expected to be strong, and the shipping volume is expected to remain high in the traditional peak season of the third quarter of 2021.

  “It is expected that the transportation chain will remain tight in 2021. However, we expect that the decline in freight volume in the off-season in the fourth quarter of 2021 is expected to be an opportunity to solve the congestion problem (canal, etc.), and we expect the freight rates of major routes to fall from then on. “Guotai JunanSaid in the research report.

  Stock tracking:

Mid-year inventory: COSCO SHIPPING Holdings rose 150.12% in half a year, outperforming the market

Counterattack!COSCO SHIPPING Holdings made a profit in the first half of the year and many institutions raised their target prices

China Merchants Securities maintains COSCO SHIPPING Holdings’ strongly recommended rating and expects net profit to grow by 615.49% year-on-year in 2021

(Source: Red Star Capital Bureau)


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