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“Damage of tens of millions”: Strikes could trigger “supply chaos”.

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“Damage of tens of millions”: Strikes could trigger “supply chaos”.

“Damage of tens of millions”
Strikes could trigger “supply chaos”.

Unions are planning massive strikes nationwide next Monday. The road haulage association complains that this could be problematic for the transport industry – and is therefore calling for the Sunday driving ban to be lifted.

In view of the major strike planned by the unions on Monday, the Federal Association of Freight Transport and Logistics (BGL) warns of a supply chaos. In view of the situation, the Sunday driving ban for trucks must be lifted this weekend, demanded association president Dirk Engelhardt in the “Bild” newspaper. The unions acted “against the will of millions of German citizens”.

“The strike will also have a massive impact on many truck drivers and drivers. There is a risk of supply chaos and damage of tens of millions if goods cannot be delivered on time,” predicted Engelhardt. “It would therefore make sense for Minister of Transport Wissing to lift the ban on trucks this Sunday.” This could “mitigate much of the chaos and damage to the economy.”

Because of the collective bargaining conflict in the public sector and on the railways, the most extensive strikes in Germany for many years are threatening on Monday. The services union Verdi and the railway and transport union (EVG) called on hundreds of thousands of workers in the transport sector to “an all-day industrial action”. Deutsche Bahn will therefore stop all long-distance traffic on Monday. Massive impairments are also expected in local, air, ship and road traffic.

The EVG is currently in collective bargaining with Deutsche Bahn and around 50 other companies. Over a period of one year, she calls for wage increases of a total of twelve percent, but at least 650 euros as a “social component”. In the negotiations, however, the union felt “not taken seriously enough,” said EVG boss Martin Burkert. The employers “closed all eyes to the economic needs of the employees”.

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