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Dario Osella, founder of Fattorie Osella, has died

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Dario Osella, founder of Fattorie Osella, has died

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The entrepreneur Dario Osella, founder of the “Fattorie Osella” dairy, died this morning at the age of 92. He was born on 7 July 1931 in Caramagna Piemonte (Cuneo) into a family with ancient dairy skills passed down from generation to generation. He attended the Royal Collegio Carlo Alberto I of Moncalieri and then enrolled at the University, where he soon realized that his vocation was not to become a lawyer but a cheese producer. In 1952 he decided to transform the business of his grandfather Giacomo, a farmer producing mountain cheeses, into a structured business, founding the “Fattorie Osella” dairy and choosing the cart with which the ancestor carried the cheeses as the company logo. on the various markets in the area. He specialized in the production of fresh cheeses such as robiola and primo sale and for over 40 years he led the dairy which grew thanks to his volcanic ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit that few had.

In 1994 it signed an agreement with the Kraft group (now Mondolez) for the automation of industrial processes and, above all, distribution logistics. The factory, which continues to be based in Caramagna Piemonte, has 120 employees and processes 80 tons of milk every day from 22 local suppliers. In September 2023 Dario Osella was widowed by his wife Anna Carlotti, who had supported him throughout his life, including in the company. He leaves behind two children, Gino and Rossella.

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