Home Business De ‘Longhi, a shower of sales: the stock sells almost 8% on the stock market

De ‘Longhi, a shower of sales: the stock sells almost 8% on the stock market

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Among the worst stocks in Piazza Affari, with a decline of almost 8%, is De ‘Longhi. The stock sells approximately 8% to € 35.76 following the announcement of the start of the sale procedure for 6 million shares of De’Longhi, equal to approximately 4% of the company’s share capital.

“As part of the Transaction – reads the note – DL Industrial sold 4,240,000 De’Longhi shares, while Dr. Giuseppe de ‘Longhi sold 1,760,000 De’Longhi shares. The placement was carried out through a procedure of accelerated bookbuilding reserved for qualified investors and was closed at a price of € 35.38, for a total consideration of approximately € 212 million. The settlement of the transaction is expected on September 16, 2021 “.

“ABB will certainly improve the liquidity of the stock which is somewhat contained in relation to the market cap (100 thousand pieces per day on average)”, underline the Equita analysts who confirm the hold recommendation on the stock, with a target price of 41.5 euros. .

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