Home Business Dear bills, businessmen appeal to parliamentarians: “We risk ending up on our knees”

Dear bills, businessmen appeal to parliamentarians: “We risk ending up on our knees”

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Bills increased by 400%, profits halved due to unsustainable procurement costs. If it weren’t a bad pun, we could say we’re risking the gas barrel. And yet, expensive energy is bringing to its knees some sectors of our economy that most depend, for their industrial activity, on the supplies of methane and electricity. A dramatic situation that affects everyone, but which primarily affects paper and chemical companies, foundries, food processing companies.

To cope with the emergency, Confindustria Cuneo has organized a meeting for tomorrow at 4.30 pm at the Corso Dante headquarters with the aim of elaborating proposals to stem the increases and, consequently, contain the repercussions on companies of a potentially devastating trend. for entire economic sectors.

Aurelio Regina, delegate of the national president of Confindustria per l’Energia will take part, flanked by representatives of some important companies in the province. The parliamentarians elected in the province of Cuneo were invited to participate in person or via videoconference.

The intent is to create a strong cohesion, also at a political level, that starts from the territories, so that the Government addresses the issue in the most appropriate and timely manner, aware of the fact that, after the extraordinary (and unexpected in the proportions) subsequent rebound to the crisis induced by the health emergency, difficulties of various origins do not block the recovery undertaken thanks to the great commitment of all the components of the production sectors.

“Expensive energy – says Mauro Gola, president of Confindustria Cuneo – is already starting to bring to their knees some sectors of the economy that most depend, for industrial activity, on the supply of gas and electricity, in particular paper companies. , foundries, food processing companies and chemical companies. Confindustria has drawn up a series of energy policy proposals which, through our parliamentarians, we would like to transfer to the government ».

These concerns are grafted onto a situation which, in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the Confindustria Study Center, highlights a slowdown in the Italian economy: in addition to the sudden surge in energy costs, the scarcity of commodities and eroded margins are worrying and the increase in infections.

Nonetheless, the upward trend should continue: after the rebound in the third quarter (+ 2.7%), the Italian Gross Domestic Product is today -1.3% from the pre-Covid level (it had reached -17.9% ) and is expected to complete recovery early this year.

The scenario for the industrial sector in itself would be favorable, but the abnormal increase in the European price of gas and, therefore, of electricity in Italy (+ 572% in December on the pre-crisis), if it persisted, would put the company at risk. activity in the energy-intensive sectors, adding to the scarcity and price increases of various production inputs. –

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