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Deep Blue Sets Record as China’s Independent New Energy Brands Surpass 100,000 Sales in Record Time

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Title: Deep Blue Breaks Records with Over 100,000 Sales of Independent New Energy Cars in Record Time

Subtitle: Deep Blue’s Super Range Extender system revolutionizes the market, addressing user needs and pain points

October 4, [City]: China’s independent new energy car brands have achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing cumulative sales volumes of 100,000 units, breaking records for the fastest time. Deep Blue, an innovative brand, has played a significant role in this remarkable achievement, thanks to its revolutionary Super Range Extender system.

China’s new energy vehicle industry has undergone a transformative “new energy revolution” over the past decade. With the gradual maturity of power batteries, lithium materials, chips, algorithms, and software, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 7.058 million and 6.887 million, respectively, in 2022 – ranking first in the world for eight consecutive years.

However, the industry’s rapid technological advancements, supply chain challenges, and price wars have also intensified competition and led to the acceleration of elimination for some players. Traditional car companies must continuously improve their competitiveness and embrace transformation to stay ahead in the market.

Deep Blue, positioning itself as the “leader in all-scenario smart travel,” has emerged as a standout brand. In just 14 months, Deep Blue has achieved cumulative sales of over 100,000 units, surpassing China’s independent new energy brands’ sales record.

So, what sets Deep Blue apart and contributes to its impressive sales figures? Deep Blue’s success lies in its deep understanding of user needs and pain points, coupled with its focus on building a brand driven by technology.

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During the recent National Day Golden Week, highway congestion reached unprecedented levels, highlighting the anxieties faced by new energy car owners. Issues such as range anxiety, battery life, and safety concerns have plagued users for years.

Deep Blue has addressed these anxieties head-on with its Super Range Extender system. By maximizing pure electric drive, battery life, and efficiency, Deep Blue vehicles eliminate range anxiety and energy replenishment concerns. Equipped with this technology, Deep Blue’s S7 model offers a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1120km, meeting the long-distance travel needs of users.

Apart from the focus on Super Range Extender technology, Deep Blue sets industry benchmarks with its high configurations and aesthetics. The S7 offers customer experiences that exceed expectations, with features like dual zero-gravity massage seats, a 12.3-inch super-sensing smart screen, and a Qualcomm 8155 chip car computer system.

Deep Blue’s commitment to technological innovation and producing ultimate products is evident in their continuous exploration and development. Wang Xiaofei, Chairman of Deep Blue Automobile, emphasizes the company’s dedication to investing at least 10% of their resources into R&D each year, aiming to create cutting-edge technologies that promote electric and smart equality for all consumers.

Despite industry challenges, Deep Blue’s resilience and determination remain unwavering. During the pandemic, the company’s employees demonstrated their dedication by returning to work, even carrying their blankets on their backs to meet production and delivery targets. This commitment speaks volumes about Deep Blue’s drive to excel in the face of adversity.

Deep Blue’s remarkable success has not only set a new standard for China’s independent new energy brands but has also contributed to the growth and penetration of the entire industry. With their innovative technologies and user-centric approach, Deep Blue is poised to lead the charge in the new energy revolution.

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Source: Deep Blue Official

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