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Deepen counterpart cooperation between Long and Guangdong·Guangdong trip丨Realize the dream of “manufacturing industry” with innovation

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Deepen counterpart cooperation between Long and Guangdong·Guangdong trip丨Realize the dream of “manufacturing industry” with innovation

April 25, 2023 09:23:38

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Sang Lei

□Our reporter Sang Lei

“Manufacturing industry” is the dream put forward by Guangdong Province in the past two years.

On April 20, one of the key points of the “Guangdong trip” of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party and Government Delegation was to inspect Guangdong’s equipment manufacturing industry – Guangzhou Automobile Group Aian, Shenzhen BYD and United Aircraft Group.

The three leading companies are all known for their innovative strength.

A car is produced in 60 seconds. There are more than 700 robots in the entire assembly workshop. The automation rate of stamping, welding, painting and other links in vehicle production is as high as 100%. In March this year, sales exceeded 40,000 units. GAC Aian has just been named by Forbes as China’s new “unicorn” company in 2022, and is known as a “dark horse” in the field of new energy electric vehicles.

In the eyes of Zheng Chunqi, deputy general manager of GAC Aian New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., the first innovation is “dare to think”. “GAC Group began to develop new energy vehicles in 2010. During the R&D and production process, after judging that electric vehicles are the future development direction, Aian was established in 2017.”

If you dare to think that GAC Group made a choice of track, then Aian can break through the new energy vehicle field by relying on its absolute technical strength.

“Three electric technologies” are the core technologies of new energy vehicles, including batteries, motors and electronic controls. GAC Aian has built its own “three electric” system and “exported” new energy vehicle technology to Honda and Toyota at the same time.

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Such strength stems from the fact that GAC Aian has a powerful research institute——GAC Research Institute. This research institute with more than 6,000 employees and more than 15,000 patents is the behind-the-scenes hero of Aian’s many “black technologies”. It has nearly 1,000 R&D personnel in the “three electric” fields.

United Aircraft Group, also known for its research and development strength, is a young enterprise that has just been established for 10 years. However, strong research and development capabilities and precise market positioning have made United Aircraft the largest unmanned helicopter manufacturer in the country.

Such achievements are due to several major technological breakthroughs made by United Aircraft in recent years: breaking through the ceiling of unmanned helicopters flying at an altitude of four to five kilometers above sea level, and the newly released TD550 plateau unmanned helicopter with a maximum ceiling of 6,500 meters. meters; the unmanned helicopter suspension has been raised from 1/10 of its own weight to 1/2 of its own weight; the flight control has achieved a leap from single redundancy to double redundancy and even triple redundancy, and is at the international leading level in the field of unmanned helicopters . With these outstanding technologies, United Aircraft has become a national-level professional and new “little giant” enterprise.

In 2022, United Aircraft, which is in the limelight, received an invitation from Heilongjiang Province. Chairman Tian Gangyin inspected the industrial chain in Heilongjiang, and learned more about almost all supporting enterprises in the industrial chain, such as Dong’an, Hazhou, and Xinhua Airlines. It only took one month Time decided to invest and build a factory in Harbin. In Tian Gangyin’s development concept, while the large forests, the great boundary river, and the large farmland in Heilongjiang provide application scenarios for unmanned helicopters, the extremely cold weather also provides a natural testing ground for unmanned helicopters.

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In recent years, United Aircraft has continued to deploy across the country. Before the establishment of the Harbin branch, it had established production and R&D centers in Chengdu and Wuhu, a supporting product production base in Xi’an, an artificial intelligence research institute in Shanghai, and a test flight in Dunhuang. base, and established a composite material production base in Hefei. In order to support the development and production of unmanned helicopters, United Aircraft continues to expand new territories.

Tian Gangyin’s dream is far from over. He wants to create a new era of private jets: taking off and landing will not be restricted by airports, the transportation time between cities will be greatly shortened, and living in different places and commuting will no longer be a fantasy. People’s lifestyles, urban patterns and even industry patterns may be subverted at any time.

“I wanted to do this ten years ago, but if I said it at that time, I might be considered crazy.” Tian Gangyin said. Even today, facing investors, Tian Gangyin’s dream may be regarded as a fantasy.

But the unprecedented career is destined not to be flat, and it will inevitably experience wind and rain to let the dream shine into reality. Just like BYD back then, it took 13 years from “the first new energy vehicle to the millionth new energy vehicle”, one year from “1 million to 2 million”, and only half a year from “2 million to 3 million”. Looking back now, many people will even say that they did not expect BYD to be so eye-catching today. However, the starting point of all this is not the dream of a new energy vehicle?

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It is precisely because there are companies that are constantly innovating that Guangdong Province has the confidence to be “the head of the manufacturing industry”. Today’s manufacturing industry in Guangdong has continuously upgraded from “Pearl River Water, Guangdong Grain, Lingnan Clothing, and Guangdong Home Appliances” to automobiles, industrial robots, drones, and 5G mobile phones, and has developed into the largest industrial province in the country and an important manufacturing industry in the world. base. The proposal of the “manufacturing industry” strategy will further strengthen the foundation of this “world factory” and move towards a complete and high-end industrial chain and supply chain. Today, when Heilongjiang Province proposes to build a “4567” modern industrial system, having more innovative enterprises is the key to realizing industrial revitalization in our province. Prosperous enterprises, prosperous talents, innovation chain and value chain will also drive the growth of the talent chain, and the all-round revitalization of Longjiang will surely be realized. And before this magnificent Longjiang dream is realized, every Longjiang entrepreneur may be able to brew a dream about the future industry, because this is the first step of all possibilities.

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