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Departmental News | Financial “Living Water” Precise Drip Irrigation Helps the Real Economy to Go Stable

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Departmental News | Financial “Living Water” Precise Drip Irrigation Helps the Real Economy to Go Stable

Original title: Departmental News | Financial “Living Water” Precise Drip Irrigation Helps the Real Economy Go Stable

In order to further expand the financing channels of enterprises and improve the quality and efficiency of financial services, the Municipal Finance Office makes full use of financial technology and cooperates with the Provincial Huijin Enterprise Management Company to jointly build the “Jiqiyintong” four-level sharing platform and build a bridge between the government, the bank and the enterprise. Help small, medium and micro enterprises enjoy various preferential policies and achieve better development.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Municipal Finance Office, in conjunction with the Siping Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China and the Siping Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, has quickly guided financial institutions to focus on supporting the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production of enterprises. come true. By actively deepening financial assistance to enterprises, and conducting in-depth and accurate connection between banks and enterprises through multiple channels, the financing difficulties of small, medium and micro enterprises can be effectively alleviated.

Attach great importance to strict implementation Finance helps stabilize growth

In order to stabilize economic development, the Municipal Financial Office has researched and deployed related work such as financial services for stable economic growth, prevention and resolution of financial risks, etc., and immediately forwarded the “About Do a good job of financial support for epidemic prevention and control, protect people’s livelihood and support the stable development of the real economy, “Anchor Jilin’s economic growth goal to fully support the main financial measures for spring ploughing and resumption of work and production” and other relevant policies, jointly with the People’s Bank of China, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission The branch has formulated and issued the “Main Measures for Financial Support of Resumption of Work and Production in Siping City”, “The Work Plan for Optimizing and Improving the Index of Credit Obtained in Siping City in 2022”, and the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Green Credit for Black Land Protection in Siping City, Jilin Province” to guide financial institutions to increase credit The strength of capital supply can effectively meet the financing needs of enterprises and help the local economy grow steadily.

In May, the Municipal Financial Office organized 17 financial institutions including urban banks, insurance, guarantee, agricultural financial services and other 17 financial institutions to hold a symposium on stabilizing the economy and finance, and cooperated with the Siping Central Sub-branch of the People’s Bank of China to conduct discussions and on-the-spot investigations. A financial institution has carried out a survey on financial assistance to stabilize economic growth, aiming to find out the problems existing in various financial institutions’ assistance to stabilize economic development and clarify the measures to be taken in the next step. Through on-the-spot research and discussions with enterprises and financial institutions, pay attention to the difficulties of enterprises, listen to their demands, and understand the opinions and suggestions of enterprises in the implementation of financial policies and service needs and promoting high-quality development.

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At the same time, in order to help enterprises solve their difficulties, the “Year of Service Enterprises” campaign was launched, service activity plans were formulated, policies for benefiting enterprises were implemented, and efforts were made precisely to promote the recovery and development of market players.

Focus on demand and strengthen services Boosting financial products to benefit the people

The Municipal Finance Office coordinates various financial institutions to organize and form various documents and push them to key enterprises in need. Cooperate with the Municipal Project Center to organize banking institutions to promote project financing products. The “Compilation of Credit Products of Financial Institutions in Siping City During the Epidemic Period”, “Financial Policies for Some Financial Institutions Stationed in Ping An to Support Spring Ploughing During the Epidemic Period”, “Financial Measures for Banking and Insurance Institutions in Siping City to Support Resumption of Work and Production (First Batch)”, “Financial Support for Resumption of Work” “Policy for Resumption of Production and Benefiting People-Policy for Deferred Repayment of Personal Mortgage Loans (Second Batch)” was announced to the public through the “Jiqi Yintong” Siping sharing platform and the WeChat public account “Siping Release” of the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee.

It is understood that the city has coordinated with relevant departments to carry out surveys around key areas such as the “specialized, refined and new” and “Three Hundreds” actions, manufacturing, key projects, and supply guarantees, and has made arrangements for key enterprises, key guaranteed supply enterprises of daily necessities, and key industrial guarantees. For enterprises, projects with financing needs of more than 50 million yuan, etc. to sort out, sort out the information of key enterprises with financing needs, and organize and push the organization and docking of the corporate financing needs sorted out in the annual visits to enterprises of service enterprises by various units.

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Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Finance Office has held a total of 48 financing matching activities through telephone connections, visits and investigations, symposiums, video conferences, etc., with a successful matching amount of 740 million yuan. Among them, on March 18, the province’s first “professional, special and new” enterprise online financing docking event was held in cooperation with the provincial financial holdings and the provincial “specialized, special and new” SME financing service center, helping the city’s three “specialized and special new” enterprises. The new “enterprises have received one-to-one exclusive services from financial institutions at the provincial and municipal levels such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, etc., reached a cooperation intention of 56 million yuan, and have successfully loaned 3 million yuan. At the “Professional, Specialized, Special and New” SME government-bank-enterprise matchmaking meeting in Siping City, 6 companies and banks signed an intentional credit agreement with a credit line of 210 million yuan, and 10 companies and banks reached an intentional credit line of 320 million yuan in total. We sorted out 81 pieces of information on corporate financing needs that were sent out in the annual visits to enterprises by various service companies, accurately recorded and organized financing docking work one by one in a timely manner, and successfully disbursed 5 million yuan.

As of the end of June, the online financing platform “Jiqi Yintong” had 1,903 platform-certified enterprises in Siping, with loans of 4.014 billion yuan. The special area for new agricultural business entities in Siping provides loans of 210 million yuan for individuals and new agricultural business entities.

Guide profit margin guarantee and fee reduction Actively promote the listing of enterprises

The Municipal Finance Office actively guides government financing guarantee institutions to improve service efficiency, focus on small and micro enterprises and “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” to carry out business, increase financing guarantee support, and further reduce financing costs. As of the end of June this year, the average guarantee rate of government financing guarantee institutions in our city has dropped to 0.65%. Among them, the comprehensive financing guarantee rate of Siping Small and Medium Enterprise Financing Guarantee Company is 0.64%, which remains relatively low in the province. At present, in order to reduce the financing burden of small and micro enterprises, the city’s government financing guarantee agency has further reduced or exempted guarantee fees for small and micro enterprises that meet the policy requirements on the basis of the existing guarantee rates.

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In order to thoroughly implement the work deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government to use the capital market to help economic development, and resolutely implement the specific requirements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government on promoting the listing of enterprises, combined with the development stage of enterprises in our city and the characteristics of the industry, the Municipal Financial The basic principle is to catch small ones early, tap potentials and cultivate new ones, give full play to the role of the financial departments of counties (cities) and districts, and actively compile the “Guidelines for Companies to List on Multi-level Capital Markets” to connect with companies that have the potential to be listed. Propaganda, organize companies to be listed to participate in online and offline multi-form capital market training, guide companies to understand, understand, and log in to the capital market, realize optimal allocation of resources and modern enterprise system innovation through the capital market, and continuously expand direct financing.

It is reported that the Municipal Finance Office followed up the listing process of an enterprise in the urban area in a timely manner, implemented the award and subsidy funds for companies listed on the New Third Board, and successfully cultivated the first New Third Board listed company in our city in the past five years. In June this year, a company in Shuangliao City landed on the Nasdaq OTC over-the-counter market in the United States.

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