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Despite recommending secondary school to the university – now a company with 7-figure sales

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Despite recommending secondary school to the university – now a company with 7-figure sales

Yusuf Turna grew up in Baden-Württemberg as the child of Turkish immigrants. private / Yusuf Turna

The German-Turkish Yusuf Turna took a detour to get his high school diploma, studied, and then finally founded an organically certified halal meat business.

In Turna’s opinion, Bioland criteria and halal requirements go together very well.

Turna now supplies customers from all over Germany, Europe and even the Middle East and achieves seven-figure sales. Author Ilgin Seren Evisen wrote down Turna’s story for our MPower section.

Monday morning, 8:30 a.m. in Frankfurt’s Carl-Benz-Strasse. It’s a typical working day for Yusuf Turna, the founder of Josef’s Bio, a halal meat company that is Bioland certified. The entrepreneur plans the week with his employees from production, administration and his managers. He also answers customer inquiries. Even after eight years, the dialogue with his customers is still important to the young founder, he tells us.

Turna came to his business via a detour. Instead of going to high school, he was recommended to go to secondary school at a young age. To the disappointment of his parents, who had immigrated to Germany from Turkey as so-called guest workers. After secondary school, Turna completed an apprenticeship, got his Abitur and studied engineering – and then founded the first halal meat company certified according to Bioland standards. He now makes seven-figure sales with it.

Halal food

Anyone who lives according to the customs of the Koran does not consume foods that contain pork or its by-products – such as gelatin or intestines. Because such foods are considered “haram”, i.e. forbidden. Blood is also taboo. For meat products that meet the halal standard – “halal” means permitted – the animals are slaughtered accordingly before their meat is processed. Intoxicating substances such as alcohol also do not meet the Halal standard.

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The global market volume for halal food was Halal Food Global Market Report from 2023 to 2022 to 1.3 trillion US dollars (equivalent to 1.2 trillion euros). For comparison: According to Fortune Business Insights, meat substitute products accounted for $5.4 billion in 2021 (the equivalent of almost five billion euros).

“We spoke Turkish at home, we only learned German at daycare.“

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