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Di Battista returns to politics and presents “Schierarsi”

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Di Battista returns to politics and presents “Schierarsi”

Di Battista presents ‘Schierarsi’: no ​​elections for now

“We will take slow steps and take them in the right way. I am not interested in a political career. If we then see that in two years’ time there will be thousands of people participating, we will evaluate a possible transformation of the association into something else, but Let’s not start now with the idea of ​​running for elections.” Thus the ex-M5s Alessandro Di Battista, yesterday in Bagnoli, presenting the cultural association “Schierarsi”. . A project which, according to some press reports, would also be of interest to the former mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.

From Battista to Di Maio, I will bring my association to Pomigliano…

Alessandro Di Battista, presenting the cultural association “Schierarsi” in Bagnoli, does not spare a dig at his ex-movement comrade Luigi Di Maio: “Many territorial groups, many squares are being born, personally I will found the Di Pomigliano d’ square Arch…”. Di Maio, originally from Pomigliano, currently holds the position of EU Special Representative for the Gulf region.

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