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Di Stefano: “Europe remains the common home, more support for new businesses”

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Di Stefano: “Europe remains the common home, more support for new businesses”

First the pandemic, then the war: more than two terrible years that have undermined the world order. “In this period we have had proof that the system on which globalization and the international community was based had obvious limits. Energy dependence is an example, the issue of national security has been underestimated by us and by all of Europe. But also the lack of raw materials, the shortage of microchips that have stopped industries ».

A reflection is essential. Riccardo Di Stefano, president of Confindustria’s Young Entrepreneurs, has chosen to dedicate the Rapallo conference that opens tomorrow to an in-depth study of these issues, which are crucial for the growth of our country and the EU. “PaesEuropa. Time for a new globalization ”is the title chosen.

«The EU – says Di Stefano – remains our common home. Our well-being, our growth are linked to the fate of the EU which must be strengthened: we need a greater European identity, in the context of a defense and indeed a strengthening of multilateral relations ». A commitment from Europe, therefore, «with Italy which must play a leading role. A new globalization is needed, made up of more solid value chains with high added value, structured in such a way as to consider the security of supply as a priority over economic convenience. In compliance with democracy and the rules of the free market ».

Party secretaries, ministers: there is a lot of political presence among the speakers. Should dialogue be strengthened?

In this phase, the confrontation with the government must be further consolidated, in a constructive way. The economic situation is very difficult: an unfinished pandemic, the steep rise in the costs of energy and raw materials, inflation which has consequently increased, public debt has increased. Important decisions are needed and it is absolutely necessary to launch the reforms, linked to the implementation of the NRP and beyond. The parties must be reminded of the urgencies of the economy, to make decisions. It is necessary to think
to the future of the country without letting the electoral deadlines dictate the agenda.

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