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Didi submits listing prospectus Cheng Wei and Liu Qing send a letter from the founder_platform

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Original Title: Didi Submits Listing Prospectus Cheng Wei Liu Qingfa Founder Letter

Source: Beijing Youth Daily official website

On June 11, Didi Chuxing formally submitted an IPO application to the SEC. According to the prospectus, as of March 2021, Didi is operating in 15 countries around the world. The platform’s global annual active users reached 493 million, with an average daily transaction volume of 41 million orders and a total transaction volume of 341 billion yuan across the platform.

Regarding the purpose of this fundraising, Didi disclosed in the prospectus that it plans to use about 30% of the raised funds for the development of international business and about 30% of the raised funds for technology investment.

In the IPO prospectus submitted, Didi founder and CEO Cheng Wei and co-founder and president Liu Qing issued a letter of founder.

Among them, Cheng Wei mentioned the original intention of founding Didi, “That winter night in Beijing in 2012, it was snowing with goose feathers, and my coat could not stop the cold wind. I stood in a long line with many people waiting for a taxi. Everyone is getting more and more anxious. I have never had a driver’s license. This experience is common to me and many Beijingers. However, for me, that night was very special. I was actually not that way. Frustrated because I already have a plan. In that year, our Didi Travel App was launched. The goal was simple-to ease the pain of everyone taking a taxi. By the end of 2012, 100,000 passengers were helping us every day When you get a taxi, you can easily embark on the journey home without being cold, including myself.”

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Liu Qing expressed the opportunity to join Didi: “In 2012, I moved back to Beijing from Hong Kong with my three children. The children quickly integrated into the new environment, made new friends, learned new games, and had a lot of freshness. They always have to shuttle back and forth in the city, but in the first few months, I couldn’t get the license plate and couldn’t buy a car. At that time, we often couldn’t get a car and were at a loss in heavy rain or snowy nights. At that time, I met Cheng Wei and listened to him about Didi. I am sure that this is the career and life I wanted to pursue… I quit my job at the time and started our journey in Didi together. .”

They also mentioned Didi’s “darkest moment”. “In the summer of 2018, two vicious criminal cases occurred on the ride. With immense sadness and deep guilt, we began a period of deep self-reflection. We realized that Didi’s business is essentially the same as other Internet platforms. We are not only connecting consumers with goods and services, but also facing a complex society and changing human nature. The objects of our platform are people, they are mothers, fathers, grandpas, grandma and children. We treat them Responsible for the safety of his life.”

They said: “We have made a difficult and correct decision. At the expense of year-round growth, we put our energy and focus on one thing-do everything we can to build a safety protection system. Ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. It all starts with listening. We have held hundreds of communication activities between drivers and consumers across the country to understand what everyone thinks. Through these voices from the front lines, we know that this will be an event An arduous task, and at the same time we are determined to work hard for everyone’s trust.”

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The letter mentioned, “We reformed the driver’s access procedures, increased background checks, redesigned more than 200 product functions, and installed smart devices with telematics and other functions and security on Didi vehicles across the country. Hardware. We have also established an offline-based’SWAT’ team that can reach any city in China within a few hours to respond to local security incidents.”

At present, the number of crimes per million rides on the Didi platform has dropped sharply, and the number of car disputes and traffic accidents has also dropped significantly.

At the end of the letter, they said: “If you ask Didi employees what their motivation is every day, everyone’s answers will sound surprisingly similar-hope to create a world like this, whether it’s the elderly, the disabled or the disadvantaged Groups, everyone can enjoy safe, convenient and sustainable travel services. Safety accidents, air pollution, traffic congestion and no parking spaces will become history. Trapped by the road on a cold snowy night, it is difficult to find ways to get back Home, this kind of experience will one day become the old story that parents tell their children.”Return to Sohu to see more


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