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Digital Health Report 2023

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Digital Health Report 2023

Doctolib has presented its current Digital Health Report 2023, which surveys the acceptance and usage behavior of doctors with regard to digital health applications. Result: Practices want to go further digital, but that’s not always easy.

The European eHealth company Doctolib has published this year’s Digital Health Report together with the market research institute GIM. The study examines the current status of digitization in the German healthcare system from the perspective of doctors and patients. A total of 350 doctors from various disciplines and 1,985 Doctolib users were asked about their usage behavior, needs and experiences in dealing with digital health applications questioned. Here are the most important results:

Digitization needs in the German healthcare system

  • Around 80% of doctors see a need to catch up compared to other countries.
  • 46% of patients feel that the German healthcare system is backward.
  • Bureaucratic processes and structures in medical practices often impair optimal patient care.

What advantages do doctors see in digitization?

  • All of the doctors surveyed use digital applications in their practice.
  • Improved communication with other practices and facilities.
  • Easier exchange with patients.
  • Relief in daily work and time savings.
  • Reduction of phone calls and administrative burden.

Willingness of doctors to further digitize

  • 65% of doctors welcome the increasing digitization in the German healthcare system.
  • Around 70% plan to further expand the use of digital applications in their practices.
  • More support, more stable digital infrastructure, help in choosing digital applications and financial support from the government are required.
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Patient wishes in relation to digital applications

  • Faster availability of doctors.
  • Save time when organizing appointments.
  • More flexibility when making appointments (around the clock, independent of practice office hours).
  • Most requested applications: online appointment booking, digital prescription order, online appointment reminder.

There is a need to catch up on digital competence and education

  • Digital competence is seen as an important qualification for doctors by 72% of patients.
  • Only 2% of patients are proactively informed about innovations such as the electronic patient file (EHR).
  • More information on digital developments in healthcare and preventive measures is desired.

The detailed results of the Doctolib Digital Health Report 2023 are available for download here.

This text is based on the Doctolib Digital Health Report 2023 and represents the most important results and findings of the study.

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