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Direct refunds with Telepass – La Stampa

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It will be easier to get highway toll refunds. The Telepass company and the Generali Italia group are launching an innovative service, created by combining the Telepass technological skills with the analytical and “big data” skills of Generali Italia. In the event of serious delays in the motorway section due to accidents, all Telepass customers enabled for the new service and who have already purchased the Roadside Assistance package will be able to receive a refund equal to 50% of the toll value, with automatic re-credit to the Telepass account, thanks the processing of vehicle transit data and the analysis of all the events present on the motorway section. The refund will be displayed directly on the Telepass app. This new service is already up and running on over 200,000 customers who have subscribed to the European Roadside Assistance offer over the years.

The initiative presented today is the first of those envisaged by the partnership signed by the two companies and which focuses on technological innovation, making it possible to apply cashback, totally data-driven and automatic reimbursement thanks to the advanced Telepass payment circuit. to offer its customers a smart, personalized and convenient experience, in favor of more sustainable mobility in Italy.

The partnership also envisages development in further areas, such as making the most advanced Telepass technologies and services available to Generali customers. In fact, by the end of the year, the Generali Italia Agencies will have the opportunity to offer their customers an exclusive telematic offer, based on the innovative Telepass T-Next: a device capable of delivering both Generali Jeniot’s IoT services and Telepass advanced payments, such as those related to mobile payments (eg motorway tolls, parking, road tax, refueling), but also at the entrance to Area C in Milan and the washing of one’s car “under the house”, offered by Wash Out (a company of the Telepass group).

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In the coming months, the launch of other smart, data-driven and behavior-based insurance coverage, dedicated to Telepass customers, is also planned, such as an innovative “pay-as-you-go” mileage guarantee that will automatically activate when any gate passes through – motorway car parks and ferries – and which will protect the customer in the event of a collision with another vehicle.

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