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Dongfeng Honda apologizes for allegedly stealing other people’s experience

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Dongfeng Honda apologizes for allegedly stealing other people’s experience

China Net Finance, May 24th, just one day after Audi’s advertising copy was involved in plagiarism and infringement, a car video advertisement copy of Dongfeng Honda was accused of embezzling other people’s experiences, which once again attracted attention.


Yesterday morning, Dongfeng Honda’s advertising shooter “Qi Pai” issued an apology statement on its official Weibo account that the shooting content was similar to other people’s experiences, and removed the video and related graphic pushes.

At about 16:00 on May 22, Ning Yuan, the founder of Chengdu Yuanjia brand, posted on his personal Weibo that a copy of Honda’s car advertisement copied her personal experience. Ning Yuan mentioned that in April this year, the video account “Qi Pai” released a video of “The Story of Mingyue Village and Me: Accompanied by UR-V, Let Love Live Up to Expectations”, with a duration of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. In the video, a Dongfeng Honda UR-V owner recounts how she first came to Mingyue Village, Pujiang, Chengdu five years ago. The filming sites are all in Mingyue Village, of which more than 80% are in the far home, and 20% are the pictures of the aforementioned car owners, Honda cars and Mingyue Village. Ning Yuan pointed out in Weibo that there were three errors in the aforementioned advertising video. First, the video shooting location is located in Mingyue Village, which is the offline space of YUANJIA brand, and commercial advertisements are not allowed to be filmed without permission; second, there is serious theft of advertising copy; Grafted together, without her prior consent, suspected infringement.

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According to public information, “Automobile” is the first MCN platform for the original automobile content community in China, which belongs to Chengdu Autopai Zhixin Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

According to a report by Red Star News on May 22, the advertising shooter “Qi Pai” said that the video was not plagiarism, the heroine and the advertising video were purely fictitious, and it was unavoidable to have similar experiences with them. . Subsequently, the video was deleted by the “Qi Pai” video account.

On the morning of May 23, the official Weibo account of “Qi Pai” released a public “Apology Letter” saying that today, they were filmed in April this year for a video “The Story of Mingyue Village and Me: It is the company of UR-V”. “Let the love live up to expectations” solemnly apologize to Ms. Ning Yuan. The “Apology Letter” states that this video was shot at the “Far Home” offline space in Mingyue Village founded by Ms. Ning Yuan, and we did not inform Ning Yuan and his team of the commercial shooting purpose before and after the shooting (Honda UR-V car owner short film ), and the content of the filming is similar to Ms. Ning Yuan’s experience, which has caused emotional damage and adverse impact on Ms. Ning Yuan and her team. At present, they have removed the video and related graphic pushes.

Subsequently, Ning Yuan made the latest response again on her personal Weibo. Yesterday, she made three demands in her statement, including the removal of the video, an apology from the advertising producer and publisher “Qi Pai”, and an apology from the advertising release and the brand side Honda. She said that she has only seen the video that was removed from the shelves, and received an apology letter from “Qi Pai”, but the brand Fang Dongfeng Honda has not responded.

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On April 13, Dongfeng Honda’s official public account reprinted the aforementioned video released by “Automobile”. At present, the above-mentioned video and related shooting information of Mingyue Village have not been found on the official account.

On May 21, Xiaoman’s day, the Audi commercial starring Andy Lau was swiped online. However, the short video blogger “Peking University Mange” released a video accusing the copy of the commercial of plagiarism. The move sparked public outcry.

On May 22, Audi issued a statement saying that it apologised for the troubles caused to relevant parties due to poor supervision and lax review, and said that it had instructed the creative agency to deal with it.

(Editor in charge: Tian Yunfei)

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