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Dongfeng, the agreement with Paolo Berlusconi to sell in Italy appears

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Dongfeng, the agreement with Paolo Berlusconi to sell in Italy appears

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For Dongfeng, one of the largest Chinese car manufacturers, an agreement for commercial distribution rather than production could be closer in Italy. According to Affari Italiani, the Pbf holding company, of which Paolo Berlusconi has 51.7% and of which his daughter Alessia is a minority shareholder, would have acquired a 10% stake in Df Italia srl.

A few days ago in Milan, Affari Italiani reports, a newco was set up, in front of the notary Dario Cortucci, by Pbf and Car Mobility (Cm) srl, which holds 90%. Cm reports, through its parent company Tailor Finance, to Bruno Mafrici, an expert in international markets and innovation, founder of the group of Italian and Swiss companies called M Management and BM Advisory, leader in corporate financial consultancy for the automotive sector.

What matters most, we read again in the Affari Italiani article, is that the new company, of which Mafrici himself was appointed sole director, would have as its object «trade in Italy and abroad, the import/export of motor vehicles” and the resale activity. Df Italia would therefore be the Italian branch of Dongfeng, a state-owned giant, one of the largest car manufacturers in China, which like other Dragon groups wants to grow in Europe through exports, as well as producing on the soil of the Old Continent.

Until two weeks ago it appeared that Dongfeng was aiming to create a production hub for over 100 thousand vehicles in our country. The car manufacturer was reportedly in an initial stage of negotiations with the Government.

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The interest was declared by the head of operations in Europe, Qian Xie. As is known, Italy is trying to attract investment from another automaker to the country after recent tensions with Stellantis over its plan to increase production to one million cars a year.

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