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Dongfeng Yueda Kia EV6 unveiled: maximum battery life of 600km, support for 800V fast charge-IT and Transportation-cnBeta.COM

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At the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, at the Dongfeng Yueda Kia booth, we not only saw the arrival of the fourth-generation Jiahua, the brand’s flagship MPV, but also the EV6, a brand-new electric vehicle that was previously launched in overseas markets. In addition, Kia has also established a brand-new image, a commitment to sustainable development, and a strategy and measures to achieve carbon neutrality in 2045. These new concepts have drawn the broad prospects of the Kia brand, and even imagined the beauty of the entire automotive industry. future.


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As the “upstart” of new energy vehicles, Kia’s EV6 model has long attracted a wave of high-strength attention overseas. This time, EV6 exhibited two versions, the regular version and the GT-line. The new car follows the new design language of “OPPOsites United”, has a maximum cruising range of 600km, supports 800V fast charging, and can charge the battery from 30% to 80% in just 14 minutes.

The top model of the car series, the EV6 GT, has a maximum power of 584Ps and only needs 3.5s to accelerate from 100 kilometers, which can provide drivers with a pretty good driving atmosphere. The EV6 comes from the Kia brand’s new dedicated platform for electric vehicles-E-GMP. This platform can comprehensively improve the driving performance and safety performance of the vehicle through the optimization of the body structure and the application of a number of new technologies. This is obvious to all in terms of the future development of vehicle electrification.

In addition to Kia’s EV6 and many influential new models, Kia also announced at the Guangzhou Auto Show the corporate vision of “Sustainable Mobility Solutions Supplier” and the “2045 Carbon Neutrality Strategy”, which is important for brands and even cars. Sustainability of future development is very critical.

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They are inspiring to take “sustainable mobility”, “sustainable earth”, and “sustainable energy” as their main goals for reducing carbon emissions, and strive to achieve carbon neutrality in the entire corporate value chain by 2045. In terms of vehicle products, Kia will accelerate the pace of “electrification” and is expected to gradually achieve the goal of “100% electrification” in the global market around 2035 and 2040.

As for the near-term outlook, Kia also released a preview of the second dedicated electric vehicle EV9 on the E-GMP platform. Its design is inspired by nature and upgraded recycled materials from marine debris that pose a serious threat to the marine ecosystem. Realize the firm promise of “sustainable mobile solutions”. As for the EV9 concept car, it also made its debut in the near future.

For almost every car brand, a complete electrification reform must be completed before 2025. This is a trend, and it is the biggest goal facing the development of the world’s automobile industry, which brings many challenges but also colorful. Nowadays, more and more interesting electric vehicles have entered our world. This is the beginning of another beautiful era.


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