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Dongshu calculates which stocks have meat? _CICC Online Finance Account

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Dongshu calculates which stocks have meat? _CICC Online Finance Account

Dongshu calculates which stocks have meat?

The index diverged throughout the day, and the Shanghai Composite Index rebounded in shock, rising for four consecutive days. Guiguang Network, one of the leaders of our Eastern Digital calculation concept, was lucky to make a deal. The concept of soil remediation the day before fell sharply, unexpectedly. It is estimated that it is the way out for new concepts, and the influx of funds has led to the lack of funds in the old hot spots. After all, the volume is not enough to support multiple hotspots starting at the same time. This is something we didn’t expect before the market, which is a pity.

Disk point of view, although the ChiNext Index fell slightly. However, the subject matter sector is very active, the new crown drug sector continues to soar, and the Dongshu reckoning sector ranks first. Hashrate concept stocks are stimulated by the good news of “East Numbers and West Numbers”, and the daily limit of many stocks is stimulated. Capital Online, 0:00 has a daily limit of 20CM, and the IDC concept is also the top gainer because of the East Number calculation. Yimikang, Capital Online, and Yakang shares have a 20CM daily limit, and the sector has risen by more than 9% to more than 20. The heat of the plate can be seen.

The infrastructure sector also continued to strengthen, with Zhejiang Jiantou 9 boards in 10 days, and Chengbang shares 5 consecutive boards. The track sector was adjusted as scheduled, I didn’t expect it to be good before the market, and the sustainability of institutional stocks has always been poor. Most of them are males and females a day. In general, individual stocks rose more and fell less. Over 3,000 stocks in the two cities rose. The turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 807.5 billion, a decrease of 101.3 billion from the previous trading day. Although the transaction volume is insufficient, overall, the market is still very hot, and the subject matter speculation is still not a big problem. Based on this, although the external market has fallen sharply, we believe that we are cautiously optimistic, and there are still themes that can be hyped. The following aspects deserve attention.

1. Counting the East and the West This section was on fire on Friday and fermented fiercely over the weekend. It is estimated that there will still be many one-word boards today. The leading companies in the first echelon of the Internet have collectively deployed the “East Number and West Calculation” project, and the data industry may have an investment of 2 trillion yuan during the 14th Five-Year Plan. However, the choice of the target of this section is relatively difficult. It is estimated that the traditional data center that has been repeatedly hyped is a bit difficult, but the computing power can be said to be a new thing. This direction is likely to be a new hot direction. The Capital Online 20CM one-character board is very clear.

2. IDC is still brought by the calculation of Dongshu. After all, it is related to the calculation of Dongshu. The growth rate of the sector is second only to the calculation of Dongshu. Most brokerage analysts believe that it will benefit from the calculation of Dongshu.

3. Virus detection concept stocks In this regard, institutions have been making arrangements. Judging from Anxu Bio’s Jiu’an Medical Dragon and Tiger List, institutions have been buying and buying. The trend is also good. The epidemic continued to ferment over the weekend, especially in terms of virus testing. There are many news and the US has increased purchases. In this regard, it is estimated that the probability of continued rise is very high.

4 New crown drug Proton shares won a big order, which brought fire to the new crown drug sector. Our Yaben Chemical rose by more than 60%. At the weekend, Asymchem won a contract of 3.542 billion again. Although it was not stated that it was a new crown drug, but The market interprets the high probability – yes, absolutely yes. It is estimated that it will be another stimulus for the new crown drugs, especially the API sector. The king of this sector is our Yaben Chemical, there is no one.

Reminder: This article is an analysis of the personal operation diary based on the current policy and technology trends. The stocks mentioned are also analyzed through industrial policy research, combined with market, technical and fundamentals of listed companies. It is my personal research and is for reference only. This operation is at your own risk.

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