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Douyin E-commerce 818: 31.8 million hours of live broadcast, pan-mall scene doubles sales_Event_Platform_Consumer

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Douyin E-commerce 818: 31.8 million hours of live broadcast, pan-mall scene doubles sales_Event_Platform_Consumer

Original title: Douyin E-commerce 818: 31.8 million hours of live broadcast, pan-mall scene, doubled sales

Cover reporter Guo Wenjuan

On August 22, Douyin E-commerce released the data report of “Douyin 818 Discover Good Things Festival”, showing the sales trends and consumer preferences of the platform during the event. The report shows that from August 6th to 18th, Douyin e-commerce live broadcasts accumulated 31.8 million hours, and short videos linked to shopping carts were played 83.2 billion times.

During the event, in addition to promoting merchants to expand market growth with live short videos, the platform also focused on pan-mall channels such as shopping malls, search, and shop windows to meet the diversified business needs of merchants. According to statistics, within 13 days, the platform’s mall scene drove a year-on-year increase of 359% in sales, and the search scene and store window scene also drove the sales growth, with a year-on-year increase of 153% and 239% respectively.

“Qiyu Ingenuity” area sales rose 301%

Intangible cultural heritage and other national trendy goods are popular

High-quality domestic brands are gradually being seen and recognized by more consumers. According to the report, domestic brands accounted for 74% of the 818 brand venues on the platform. Time-honored brands have also rejuvenated with the help of Douyin e-commerce, with sales increasing by 85% year-on-year.

This “Douyin 818 Discovery Goods Festival” also launched a special area of ​​”Ingenuity of Adventures”, focusing on the creation of social value behind the purchase and sale, and promoting ingenious goods such as non-heritage products. According to statistics, during the event, the sales volume in this area increased by 301% year-on-year.

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Under the video explanation of more than 100 intangible cultural heritage inheritors, the exquisite skills and cultural heritage behind intangible cultural heritage products are presented to consumers one by one. During the event, sales of Pu’er tea, Zisha pots, and Wang Xingji brown bamboo fans were at the forefront.

In addition to helping Guochao Good Things to expand the market, the platform’s “Mountain Goods on Toutiao” agricultural assistance project also went deep into Sichuan and Chongqing during the event to promote local agricultural specialties. The report shows that from August 5 to 11, the sales of small noodles in Chongqing increased by as much as 1364% year-on-year, and the sales of local agricultural products such as Fuling mustard, Mengding mountain tea, and Xichang grapes also doubled.

Celebrities live broadcast to recommend new books and good books

E-commerce high-quality content continues to build a good ecosystem

Under the promotion of the “National Good Books Program”, all kinds of books were sold at the event. Writers such as Liang Xiaosheng, Liu Zhenyun, Xue Zhaofeng, Ge Liang and Zhou Guoping have promoted new and good books through this platform. The report shows that from August 6th to 18th, “The World“, “Xue Zhaofeng’s Lectures on Economics”, “Reading Children’s Songs for Early Education”, “Ordinary World” and “Great China Treasure Hunt” ranked among the top five book sales.

From a geographical point of view, during the “Douyin 818 Discovery of Good Things Festival”, Shanghai consumers have the strongest purchasing power. Consumers in Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu and Guangzhou are close behind.

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In order to allow consumers to gain a better shopping experience, the platform’s “Spring Rain Plan” will continue to provide positive incentives for high-quality content during the event to build a good e-commerce ecosystem. Many potential talents and merchants have emerged and gradually grown: Du Fujia, the first secretary of Shatang Village in Meitan, Guizhou, and his team have used the live broadcast room to promote various teas and build brands. So far, nearly one million yuan of local tea has been sold; 80 After graduating from university, Ran Keqi returned to Jiuxiang Town, Ya’an, Sichuan with her husband, and gained the attention of more than 1.6 million people by recording rural life. After transforming into an e-commerce business, she sold 200,000 pieces of rock candy plums per month; the positive interaction and high-quality content made @ Youqu Youpin is a popular doll shop, selling nearly 10,000 orders a day, and its turtle shell toys are even more popular on the Internet; Fan Junwen, the inheritor of Diancha’s non-genetic inheritance, has inherited intangible cultural heritage skills by embracing new channels, and has made more use of e-commerce. Many people learned about tea culture and brought a new vitality to ordering tea.

The relevant person in charge of Douyin e-commerce said that after the platform was upgraded to a global interest e-commerce, it extended from the content field to more fields, hoping to use the “818” and other big promotion activities to provide more targeted assistance for business operations, allowing More products with better prices and better quality are effectively connected to consumers’ demand for quality.Return to Sohu, see more

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