Home Business DR Automobiles expands its offer with two new brands Sportequipe and Ickx

DR Automobiles expands its offer with two new brands Sportequipe and Ickx

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DR Automobiles expands its offer with two new brands Sportequipe and Ickx

DR Automobiles, which “assembles” in Italy cars strongly related to Chinese models, has made its debut at MiMo 2022 two brands destined for the European market to which the restyling of the already known DR and EVO models has been added. The unpublished brands are Sportequipe and Ickx, which will enter specific sectors as well as have a dedicated sales network. The Sportequipe brand starts immediately with five cars at prices between approximately 30,000 and 40,000 euros. All the cars are distinguished by a sporty style and offer a range of models that fit into strategic market sectors with high additional value.

An electric city car with a range extender on the way

The Sportequipe 1 is an electric city car of 3.2 meters and 1,050 kg with a power of 61 hp and 250 km of autonomy and offered with 31 kWh batteries, equipped with independent suspension. The maximum speed is limited to 120 km / h, while the 50 km / h from standstill is reached in 5 seconds. Recharging can be done with fast systems at 50 kW in about 30 minutes or with alternating current systems at 6 kW in about 5 hours. DR Automobiles is planning a range extender without, at the moment, providing further information on the useful system in this regard.

Sportequipe 5 and 6 two sporty SUVs

The Sportequipe 5 is a 4.32-meter compact sport utility available in the petrol variants of 1,500 cc turbo with 154 hp, 1,600 cc turbo with 200 hp and 2,000 cc turbocharged 260 hp with CVT gearbox and an LPG variant. The Sportequipe 6, then, is a 4.5 meter long SUV that can be equipped with the same engines as the 5 plus the Thermohybrid variant with 260 hp LPG, but with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The standard equipment includes the panoramic roof.

The standard equipment of the Sportequipe 7

In addition, there is a dual 12 and 12.3-inch display, soft-touch doors, 360-degree cameras and 20-inch wheels. The Sportequipe 7 is not only the largest and most luxurious SUV of the brand and is offered with the same engines as the 6 combined with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. As for the dimensions, the car is 4.7 meters long and inside has an exclusive third 8-inch display for managing the air conditioning as standard.

Here is the K pickup with double cab and five seats

Finally, Sportequipe also offers the K pick-up, 5.32 meters long and equipped with a five-seater double cab and a 136 hp 2,000 ccdiesel with manual gearbox, reduced gears and switchable four-wheel drive. Capable of towing up to 2,000 kg, the K pickup is equipped with a 1.5 meter long body and is capable of overcoming gradients of 30%. The model adopts a 10.4-inch vertical screen inside for on-board infotainment.

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