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Draghi: “A victory for Russia would lead to the end of the European Union”

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Draghi: “A victory for Russia would lead to the end of the European Union”

Italian premier Mario Draghi at the 57th Annual Award Dinner of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation

Mario Draghi: “I’ll explain what will happen after this war”

Mario Draghi he returns to speak and his intervention at Meet the Boston it is very hard and sharp on guerra between Russia and Ukraine but also on the global economy. The former premier says that “accept a Russian victory or a confused draw would fatally weaken other neighboring states. And it would send a message to the autocrats that the EU is ready to compromise about what it represents, about what it is. It would also signal to our Eastern partners that our commitment to their freedom and independence – a pillar of our foreign policy – it’s not all that unshakable“. Instead a victory for Europe “means to have a stable peace. And today this prospect appears difficult. For Draghi “the war in Ukraine has shown as never before the unity of the EU in defending its founding values, going beyond the national priorities of individual countries. This unity will be crucial in the years to come. That is, when it is needed “redesign the Unionto welcome inside Ukraine, the Balkan countries eh Eastern European countries“. And “in organizing a European defense system complementary to NATO”.

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According to the former premier le geopolitical consequences of a protracted conflict on Europe’s eastern border are very significant, so one must be prepared. First, “the EU must be willing to strengthen their own defense capability”. Second, “we must be ready to start a trip with Ukraine leading to its accession to NATO”. Third, “we must prepare for a prolonged period in which the global economy will behave very differently than in the recent past”. For example, “I expect governments to have forever higher deficits“.

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