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Draghi: “Another Sostegni decree over 30 billion is coming”

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ROMA – The next budget variance “will be higher than the previous one”. Prime Minister Mario Draghi announces a second Sostegni decree, after the first from 32 billion just launched and now under discussion in the Senate. But it will not be just a provision of relief and subsidies, “it will also contain economic measures for the restart“. Draghi illustrates the process:” The Minister of Economy Franco will first present the Def – the Document of economics and finance – where the deviation, Parliament will have to vote and then we will present the decree “.


At the request of the trade unions to extend the redundancy block to 31 October for all businesses – not just small ones – the premier replies sharply: “The government’s position does not change: unlock in June for companies with social safety nets and in October for the others “.


The premier also spoke on Alitalia: “We are in full negotiation with the European Commission on Alitalia”. And on the OK to the public entry of the French and Dutch government into AirFrance granted by the EU: “We cannot accept unjustified asymmetries. If there are reasons to mistreat Alitalia we will see them, but we will not accept arbitrary discrimination. Now the central point is to create a a company that will be called Ita and that will have a discontinuity with the past “. The premier then allows himself a regret and a joke: “I’m sorry he won’t be called again Alitalia, I have almost always traveled to Alitalia and I consider it like one of the family. A little expensive, but a family one. Now we need to leave immediately with a new and strong company for the summer season that can stand on its wings, without subsidies. We hope for a positive outcome with the Commission “.

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Recovery Plan

“The PNRR – the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – will be delivered as planned in Brussels by 30 April”, assures the premier. “There will be a central coordinating structure, but the implementing bodies – such as Regions and Municipalities – will be in charge of the projects”. The NRP will have to “bridge the gender gap, digitalization and education in the country”. Draghi takes staffing for granted: “There is no question that the Pnrr ask hiring of new skills and training and updating of current skills “.

The meeting with the Regions on Recovery

A few days before the deadline (end of the month) of the time to deliver the Pnrr to Europe, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi took stock of the Italian Recovery plan to local authorities, explaining first of all what governance will be to manage the over 200 billion of the program .

Covid, Salvini da Draghi raises the stakes: “It is possible to reopen at least six regions in April, you cannot live in the red for life”

The political supervision of the Recovery plan is entrusted to a committee set up at the Prime Minister’s Office in which the competent ministers participate, explained Draghi, illustrating a two-level organizational model. The central coordination structure supervises the implementation of the plan and is responsible for sending payment requests to the European Commission, following the achievement of the envisaged objectives. Alongside this coordination structure, an evaluation structure and a control structure operate. The administrations, on the other hand, are responsible for individual investments and individual reforms. They send their reports to the central coordination structure to ensure subsequent payment requests to the European Commission. The government also intends to establish task force locali that help local administrations to improve their investment capacity and simplify procedures.

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According to what was reported, the prime minister reportedly lashed at the meeting with local authorities: “We Italians have lost credibility for the ability to invest, we must win it back. We must change everything “. During the unified State-Regions Conference, which is updated on April 14, the former ECB president clarified the priorities:” The government has as a priority to help the poorest sections of the population, often the most exposed to the crisis of Covid. Therefore, in the plan there is also an important regeneration intervention of public and social housing. These measures, together with the strengthening of the role of national social services and the recovery of sports infrastructures, are aimed at intervening on the phenomena of marginalization and social degradation and reducing the gaps between the various areas of the country “.

Some chapters have been deepened: “As part of the mission” Education and research “we strengthen the offer of kindergartens and kindergartens, which are fundamental to achieving true gender equality, “explained Draghi.” As for the digitization, we are aiming for a widespread diffusion of optical fiber throughout the territory and in particular in the South “. With a look at tourism:” We support the cultural and creative sectors of the country, severely affected by the pandemic. For example, we want to render the most competitive companies in the tourism sector, and allow them to digitize their services “.

Speaking of a “unique opportunity” and a challenge that can be won “together”, he remarked that “an opportunity that we must seize” is in particular that of the ecological and digital transition. “We must be aware – he underlined – of the historical significance of this plan, it is a unique opportunity” for improve schools and modernize bureaucracy. “It is very important to spend and spend well”. “Under the ecological transition – he added – we invest in the protection of the territory and water resources. In particular, we intend to prevent and combat the effects of climate change on hydrogeological instability phenomena and to accelerate, in a decisive way, the reconstruction in areas that have suffered serious events. seismic in the last decades”.

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