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Dragons: while we vaccinate well, start planning the openings, schools also open in the red areas

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“In terms of vaccination, I thank you for all the contributions”. This was stated by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in his reply, at the end of the debate in the Senate on the communications made in view of the European Council of 25 and 26 March.

“I don’t know if there have been mistakes or not, I don’t feel like wasting time on what has been, certainly there has been a great disappointment of all European citizens. This is out of the question. Now things are better, the Commissioner in charge of this, so only for a month, I think, he is very good and the results are beginning to show ”.

“As I was saying now, we need to look to the future – continued Draghi – As far as European coordination is concerned, this must always be sought. It is necessary to work continuously to strengthen it. If it doesn’t work out in these dramatic moments, where time is extremely precious, you also need to find answers yourself. Obviously we demand compliance with the contracts by the multinationals that produce the vaccines. On the other hand, you have seen that Italy was the first to have its action based on three pillars: to demand rigorous respect; sanction or block exports; prompt replacement of missing vaccines. Indeed, there was a decrease in vaccination only for one day, the next day the lack of vaccines was almost compensated with another vaccine with the same characteristics. I repeat: we must look at the experience of other countries to learn. These are new episodes. It is learning every day. It is unfair to blame for past mistakes by not thinking about the newness of the experience. So we learn that efficient logistics can pursue its goals much faster if there is also a certain pragmatism in the administration of vaccines, in the identification of vaccine sites. Basically in the de-bureaucratization of the vaccine administration process. And there we have to learn. And I believe there is no doubt. Trying to look to the future, trying to resume the message of trust that must come out of this European Council, we must first begin to think about reopening. In particular, starting with school “.

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The differences between the Regions in the administration of doses “are difficult to accept. The regions follow the priorities of the national plan ”, said Draghi in communications to the Senate in view of the EU Council.

“While some regions follow the provisions of the Ministry of Health, others neglect their elders in favor of groups that have priority probably on the basis of some of their contractual strength. We must be united in the exit from the pandemic as we have been suffering together in the previous months ”.

Again, “while we are vaccinating it is good to start planning openings. We are looking carefully at the data on infections, but in short, if the epidemiological situation allows it, the school will open first of all, even in the red areas. We will begin to reopen primary schools and kindergartens also in the red areas when the current restrictions expire, that is, hopefully immediately after Easter ”.

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