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Drought cuts wheat harvest by 15%

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Drought cuts wheat harvest by 15%

The bad news is that drought has cut Italy’s wheat crop. The good thing is that the quality, at least in the southern regions where threshing has started today, is excellent. According to Coldiretti, the reduction could be around 15% with peaks of thirty in the South. We are talking about 6.5 billion kilos nationwide on a total area of ​​1.71 million hectares cultivated between durum wheat for pasta (1.21 million hectares) and soft wheat for bread and biscuits (over half a million hectares ).

According to Coldiretti “the lower production weighs on the cereal companies which have had to face increases in production costs ranging from + 170% for fertilizers to + 129% for diesel with average increases in current costs of 68%”. In one out of four cases the costs exceed revenues with durum wheat for pasta which is quoted in Italy at 55 cents per kilo and soft wheat for bread at 45 cents per kilo. The impact is also being felt on consumers with prices from wheat to bread rising 6 to 12 times.

According to President Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, “we need to intervene to contain the expensive energy and production costs with both immediate and structural measures to plan the future of the national agricultural system, while at the community level more courage and resources are needed to improve our food security by reducing the dependence on imports of the main agricultural products and production factors ».

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