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€18,000 per square meter on Sylt: This is how expensive holiday apartments are

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€18,000 per square meter on Sylt: This is how expensive holiday apartments are

Expensive holiday region: According to an analysis by Immowelt, apartments in Kampen on Sylt cost an average of 18,381 euros per square meter. Karl-Hendrik Tittel via Getty Images

Many dream of their own holiday home. A current analysis by Immowelt shows where you have to pay the highest and where the lowest square meter prices.

Accordingly, Sylt is particularly expensive. In Kampen you pay a total of 18,381 euros per square meter. A 75 square meter apartment costs over a million euros there.

However, there are also bargains on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts: in the municipalities of Wurster Nordseeküste and Butjadingen, as well as in the city of Stralsund, apartments cost an average of less than 3,000 euros per square meter.

Having your own holiday home by the sea or in the mountains – that’s what many Germans dream of. A current one shows that this is sometimes an expensive wish Analyse of the real estate portal Immowelt. The square meter prices for apartments in popular holiday locations are therefore often in the five-digit range.

For the analysis, Immowelt compared the asking prices of condominiums in 68 German holiday resorts. Kampen on Sylt, where you have to pay an average of 18,381 euros per square meter, came in first place with the most expensive apartments. A 75 square meter apartment there costs more than 1.3 million euros.

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Four of the five most expensive places are on Sylt

You also have to dig deep into your pockets in other places on Sylt if you want to buy a holiday home. According to Immowelt, four of the five most expensive holiday resorts are on the popular holiday island.

List, in the north, ranks second, where an apartment costs an average of 13,020 euros per square meter. In the Sylt towns of Wenningstedt-Braderup (EUR 12,759 per square meter) and Hörnum (EUR 11,733 per square meter), apartment prices are not much cheaper.

The Lower Saxony island of Norderney also made it into the top five with an average of EUR 12,785 per square meter. The East Frisian island of Juist and the two cities of Tegernsee and Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee are also above the 10,000 euro mark.


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There are cheap apartments on the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts

However, apartments are not that expensive in all holiday regions. “Especially in comparatively cheap holiday resorts on the mainland of the North and Baltic Seas, the current market environment offers the opportunity to fulfill your dream of owning your own holiday home,” says Felix Kusch, Managing Director of Immowelt.

This refers, for example, to the municipality of Wurster North Sea Coast, which was the cheapest holiday resort considered in the analysis at 2476 euros per square meter. Otherwise you only pay less than 3000 euros per square meter in Stralsund on the Baltic Sea (2658 euros per square meter) and Butjadingen on the North Sea (2782 euros per square meter).

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Although the financing has become more expensive, given the lower competitive pressure, it is often possible to renegotiate the price, says Kusch. “The range of real estate in German holiday regions is greater than it has been for a long time.”

Just like Business Insider, Immowelt belongs to Axel Springer.


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