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Earn nearly 50% throughout the year, the latest position of the public offering champion is released

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(Original title: Big profit of nearly 50% for the whole year! The latest position of the public offering champion is released: a substantial reduction in real estate holdings, and increased positions in this sector on dips! Shaanxi Coal has become the largest heavyweight stock, what do you think of the market outlook?)

Securities Times e-company news, in the past 2022, the Wanjia macro-time multi-strategy and Wanjia Xinli managed by the deputy general manager and investment director of Wanjia Fund, Huang Hai, won the 2022 annual return rate of 48.56% and 43.66% respectively. Champion and runner-up of active equity funds of the year. From the perspective of stock positions, Huang Hai still maintained a high position operation in the fourth quarter. The stock market value of the three funds of Wanjia Macro, Wanjia Xinli, and Wanjia Selection accounted for 93.54% and 92.71% of the net value of the fund respectively. %, 93.56%. In terms of holdings, take Wanjia’s macro timing multi-strategy with the best performance in 2022 as an example. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the fund continued to hold a heavy position in coal stocks, increasing its positions in Shaanxi Coal, Shanxi Coking Coal, and Shanxi Coal. International and other coal stocks, among which Shaanxi Coal Industry ranks the largest heavyweight stock. At the same time, the fund has also made adjustments within energy stocks, such as substantially reducing its holdings of CNOOC, the largest holding in the third quarterly report, making it fall to the third largest holding, Holding Lu’an Environmental Energy, and transferred Huayang, Gemdale Group, and Yingjia Gongjiu out of the top ten positions of the fund.

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