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Eicma 2022: the new arrivals in the helmets, clothing and accessories sector

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Eicma 2022: the new arrivals in the helmets, clothing and accessories sector

Like every year, Eicma is an opportunity for the many manufacturers of helmets, clothing and accessories present at the Milanese event to launch their new products which are or will be on sale in the following months.



Undoubtedly the most interesting novelty is proposed by Airoh, an Italian company which is the first in the world to present a concept of a helmet that integrates an airbag. Even only in its embryonic phase, in fact it is not yet known when it will actually arrive on the market, the Bergamo-based company, in collaboration with Autoliv, a company active in the automotive safety sector, has unveiled a model with airbags that does not critically compromise the design, weight or comfort of the helmet. As in the traditional airbags that are already present on various motorcycle clothing, this one also supplied with the helmet inflates in the event of an accident to provide the rider with much greater protection than that of current motorcycle helmets.

Still on the subject of safety for motorcyclists, the Japanese manufacturer Kabuto announces the new Kabuto F17 Racing Mips, the first MotoGP helmet equipped with the safety system developed by Mips. In practice this helmet offers Mips Integra TX, a special helmet padding that replaces the conventional one. The latter is based on an integrated low-friction layer on the inside that helps reduce rotational movement of the head. Integra TX is designed to slide and cushion within the impact area allowing for 10-15mm of movement in all directions. In addition to the F17 Racing helmet intended for racing, Kabuto offers the same Mips technology on the Geosys Adventure model designed for off-road motorcycle riders.

Returning to more “normal” helmets, LS2 offers the convertible FF906 Advant, an evolution of the Vailant series. The helmet has obtained the new ECE 22.06 approval, and thanks to the 180° opening it helps to improve aerodynamic performance. The LS2 FF906 Advant weighs just over 1 kg and 600 grams in size M and is available in two shell sizes. Guaranteed for 5 years, by registering the helmet on the LS2 website, it has a price starting from 329 euros for the single-color version and 359 euros for choosing one of the eight different graphics available.

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News also from Caberg. The Bergamo-based company offers Avalaon X the full-face sport-inspired design designed for the youngest but not only. The helmet suitable for short urban journeys but also for more demanding extra-urban routes. It is equipped with a scratch-resistant visor and a Dvt (Double Visor Tech) sun visor. There are several adjustable air intakes in both the upper and lower areas of the helmet. It can be chosen in the single-color version Matt Black and White, or in one of the four graphic versions and other color variants.

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