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Electric car, one in five in the US regrets it

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Electric car, one in five in the US regrets it

Electric car, one in five motorist repents

Quasi one in five drivers (18%) backed up after buying and using for a few months a electric vehicle. It is the result of research conducted byUniversity of California Davis which has returned to bounce in the US media after the State of Wyoming has recently reopened the debate on the real benefits of the battery motor. The university sent a questionnaire to 14,000 Americans. The dossier examined six years of strong development of the electricity market with laws, especially in California, in favor of the green transition. Well, many of the people involved in the survey said they were convinced of the choice while others said they were about to switch to electric. Unexpectedly, however, one in five motorist who owns an electric car said he regretted the purchase.

Because they want to go back

The in-depth analysis of the researchers who interviewed all those intending to go back to the heat engine to understand the reasons for the rethink. Meanwhile, it has been discovered that contrary to the common belief that traditionalists are those who are advanced in years, it has instead emerged that those who go backwards are generally younglives in one smaller family with only one vehicle available, he has lower incomeis thicker than female sexand had used theelectric car for hire instead of property.

But why did they change their minds? The most popular answer is the inconvenience of charging. Secondly theautonomy. But the two things obviously go hand in hand and both have to do with one difficulty finding charging points easily accessible. In particular, most of them are without the possibility of recharging the car at home and at night living in apartments without a parking space.

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A less predictable and more curious aspect concerns the link between electric car loyalty and brand loyalty. The least inclined to return to the thermal are the owners of Teslathe most inclined instead are those who have purchased vehicles from brands traditionally linked to the internal combustion engine such as Gm, Ford, Chrysler.

If it happens in California, in Italy…

The fact is that the research raises questions that do not only concern the American reality but questions the certainties of one green transition in Europe with the 2035 watershed. In fact, how to deal with an epochal change in the purchase of cars, which moreover it’s not taking on the contours of a ride, if even 20% of those who choose electric today will back down in the future? Probably the reality is that we would find ourselves in 2030 or 2050 with fewer zero-emission vehicles than what was predicted by Brussels. And a problem that the US university dossier certifies with figures should be duly taken into account. Indeed, the study shows that without home charging or a large number of switchboards on the roads the lack of growth of the electric car is anything but a theoretical problem. To the point that enthusiastic electric motorists are forced to retrace their steps.

If this happens in California, where most of the families live in private homes, imagine the situation in the Italy of cities with large buildings, few private parking spaces and very few charging points in the streets. And to all this is added a tariff system less and less affordable electricity. If these problems are not addressed at their roots, the transition to the electric car will end up, despite the diktats of the European Union (with the ban on the sale of cars with traditional engines in 2035) will prove to be a failure.

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