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Electric cars: Hyundai Ioniq debuts, the sporty sedan with a slightly retro style

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Electric cars: Hyundai Ioniq debuts, the sporty sedan with a slightly retro style

Hyundai launches Ioniq 6. It is a sports sedan that joins the 5 which is the crossover variant. Both will be joined in the near future by a large SUV that will complete the range of Hyundai’s electric family. Destined to compete with the Tesla Model 3, the 6 points to the BMW i4 and the future Polestar sedan that debuted albeit disguised at Goodwood when the sports brand born from a Volvo rib arrives in Europe.

The style is inspired by the Hyndai models of the 80s

A completely different thing compared to the Ioniq 5, squarer and wider, the 6 is inspired by the models of the 80s and by one in particular that has become iconic over time, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Pony. Ioniq 6 has three key elements: a bonnet that is important, a clean profile to which a sloping line is added in the rear area, where you can see a large aileron at the height of the rear window. All elements that demonstrate how it is designed to meet the needs of the electric user.

The footprint of the digital side mirrors is minimal

Deepening the stylistic solutions of the car, you will notice a front section that is very low, with a sporty cut and which will house the sensors that will work for safety. At the ends, in correspondence with the front light clusters, two longitudinal splitters frame the bumper without grille. The belt line, on the other hand, accentuates the sporty elegance of the Ioniq 6 by descending towards the bottom near the rear wheel arches. The footprint of the digital side mirrors is minimal so as not to alter the overall cleanliness of Hyundai’s sports sedan

It is 4.85 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.49 meters high

The rear section of the Ioniq 6 is dominated by a pixel light signature The model that was born on the basis of the 2020 Prophecy concept, capable of camouflaging measures of a certain importance and equal to 486 cm in length, much more than the Ioniq 5. Thanks to the coupé line, there are many characteristics of the passenger compartment and the driver’s seat of the younger sister. There are the external rearview camera screens, which are much more ergonomic than the internal ones.

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Two 12 inches for instrumentation and infotainment

In front of the driver, on the other hand, there are two 12-inch screens, instrumentation and infotainment. From which the sensors and the seven cameras all around the body are also checked, including the one on the side bands at the bottom. The interiors reflect environmental responsibility with the use of eco-sustainable materials, from leathers resulting from eco-friendly processes to reduce not only the waste of oxygen, to recycled plastics for the seats, to paints derived from vegetable oils and finally to carpets which are made with salvaged fishing nets.

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