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Electric cars, Italians willing to buy them but the market is to be consolidated

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Electric cars, Italians willing to buy them but the market is to be consolidated

Italy and the Italians support the development of electric mobility. EY’s analysis of electric vehicles classifies the 14 main automotive markets in the world in the field of electric mobility by analyzing three main drivers: market supply, consumer demand and the regulations in force in the countries examined. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview for each country of the actual maturity and readiness with respect to electric mobility. Italy ranks 12th.

China in first place in e-mobility

The recent data collected in the first half of the year confirm the trends that emerged in the previous survey. In particular, China maintains the first position with regard to the progress made in terms of electric vehicles where, both at the manufacturing and infrastructural level, it firmly consolidates its leadership also supported by an internal market in which over 51% of the consumers interviewed are intending to buy an electric vehicle as the next car.

In second position is Norway, which has always been a pioneer in the field of e-mobility with a mature system in terms of infrastructure and market which, however, suffers from an underdeveloped manufacturing sector within it. Followed by Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom where, especially in the latter two countries, there is a significant commitment to bridge the infrastructural but also manufacturing gap, driven by the investments of the most important OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with, for example, over 10 plants. for the production of batteries on site.

Italy in 12th place: expensive energy and inflation are holding back

Italy occupies 12th place in the ranking (out of 14 companies examined), followed by Japan, Canada and India in the last position. There are several factors still under development that separate Italy from the leading countries in the sector where there is an industrial supply chain already in an advanced stage of conversion to electricity as well as a solid system of infrastructures and the market.

Italy is a country that, despite the challenges it is facing, supports the development of e-mobility thanks to a series of initiatives and can count on the commitment of the entire sector in responding to consumer needs. According to the survey, only for 24% of Italians the difficulty associated with charging an electric vehicle affects the purchase: a lower figure than in other countries. However, expensive energy and inflationary pressure could slow the development of the market. To support and accelerate the development of the sector in the medium-long term, regulatory simplification will be fundamental, as well as making public investment incentives and interventions converge with existing and future industrial initiatives in the area.

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