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Electric cars, Stellantis’ STLA Medium architecture makes its debut ready for Melfi: up to 700 km of autonomy

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Electric cars, Stellantis’ STLA Medium architecture makes its debut ready for Melfi: up to 700 km of autonomy

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The first Stellantis platform developed natively and exclusively for electric cars and not derived from architectures conceived for thermal cars makes its debut. It is called STLA Medium and is dedicated, as the name suggests, to the C and D segments, those of medium-large size cars which represent the heart of the world car market. Sedans and SUVs will be built on this basis. The first car built on the STLA Medium will be the future generation of electric-only Peugeot 3008 (which will be unveiled in September and marketed in 2024, but they will be there, as confirmed by Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, also the future Opel, Lancia (the new range expected for 2026) and DS models built in Melfi as well as cars in the C-SUV segments of Citroën, Jeep and the other brands, including American ones, of the group. of segments C and D which accounted for 35 million sales in 2022, almost half of the 78.5 million vehicles sold globally in the same year.The platform was created for electric cars but the group CEO explained that it can be adapted, to adapt to some markets, to internal combustion engines., but it is a compromise solution.

The new platform, said Carlos Tavares, is an adequate tool to compete with the Chinese competition, however aid to the industry is needed from the governments (Italian and French, Ed.)

«With this platform we enter the arena and we can compete with anyone». This was stated by Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, presenting the new STLA Medium platform. «Two years after the Ev day we are presenting the first platform. It’s important for us, now we compete on performance, pricing and all quality related features. Now we can compete with anyone», said Tavares, adding that Stellantis with this presentation «we show that we do what we say». Tavares explained that this platform is used to produce models in the “C and D segments, where there is the greatest competition. It is the “core” of the market and we believe that we thus have the right competitiveness. We have a very competitive technology and we will be one of the big winners of this transition». As for the distribution of the new platform, it will start «from France, Italy to Melfi, Germany and North America. Let’s start here but it is a global platform for global markets that responds to all local legislation.

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With STLA Medium, Stellantis aligns itself with what has been done in terms of “born electric” chassis by other manufacturers such as, for example, the Volkswagen group which has the MEB modular platform, Hyundai which deploys the E-GMP or the Chinese giant Geely, which exploits for its brands (from Volvo to Zeekr) the SEA, Sustainable Experience Architecture. But let’s go back to STLA Medium, it is the second unified platform of Stellantis (the group merges PSA and FCA) which according to the plan announced two years ago during EV Day provides for the development of 4 STLA architectures (the name is that of the ticker of stock exchange and perhaps says a lot about the priority of the share value over the product in the strategy of the giant led by Carlos Tavares).

At the base is the Small, for small cars, the Medium unveiled now and then Large and Frame (for pick ups). It should be emphasized that the Small currently used is only an updated version of the CMP/eCMP architecture of Peugeot origin and developed with the then Chinese partner Dongfeng (but now for Stellantis China, now taken on as the superpower of the car, is really far beyond be the main competing force).

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