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Electric cars, Toyota and Enel X Way together for home recharging

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Electric cars, Toyota and Enel X Way together for home recharging

Together for the diffusion of sustainable mobility. Toyota and Enel X Way have entered into an agreement to make the Italian energy company’s advanced technologies and solutions available for home car charging. The collaboration is part of the strategies of the two companies to promote the spread of electrified mobility at a national level through services that guarantee people a simple and comfortable driving experience.
Way Box Procellular: the new home charging solution
The recharging solution that is being introduced in the range of accessories for Toyota and Lexus 100% plug-in and Plug-in Hybrid (Phev) models is the 7.4 kW Procellular Way Box, a home recharging station with a three-year guarantee to Toyota and Lexus customers, which can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Sim card to the Enel X Way charging infrastructure control and monitoring platform, to ensure remote assistance. To manage top-up operations, simply use the Enel X Way JuicePass app. In this way, owners of Toyota and Lexus brand cars will also be able to purchase the JuicePack Street, a 1,385 kWh voucher for public vehicle charging at dealerships in the Toyota and Lexus network, to be used at Enel X charging stations Way and all other operators that are interoperable with the JuicePass app.
The JuicePack Street will be valid for twelve months and will include the booking service for charging stations and a charging card that will arrive directly at the customer’s home.
Sustainable mobility: the direction of the two companies
Both Enel X Way and Toyota are accelerating by proposing products and services for the dissemination of sustainable mobility. On the one hand, Enel X Way, the Enel Group company entirely dedicated to electric mobility, has about 430,000 recharging points and operates in 16 countries in various capacities: directly, through joint ventures such as Ewiva in Italy, and thanks to various interoperability worldwide.
Toyota has been a leader in electrified mobility for over 25 years, with over 21 million electrified cars sold globally. It is crucial for the Japanese brand to be able to offer the right electrified solution, at the right time, in every geographical area of ​​the world.

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