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Electric motorcycles and scooters are worth 8% of the market

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Electric motorcycles and scooters are worth 8% of the market

The Italian market for mopeds, motorcycles and electric quadricycles runs. In 2022, according to the elaborations of Confindustria Ancma (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories), the sector (which includes categories, such as motorcycles and scooters, very different in type, intended use and customer target) achieved a up 59% compared to 2021 for a total of 23,300 vehicles. A significant fact: the segment is small in terms of volumes, but it is growing strongly and is now worth 8.3% of the entire sector. Therefore, it begins to be a significant portion even if the supply of internal combustion vehicles dominates with 91.7%.

The development of electric urban mobility is explained, Ancma’s top management explains, in a mix of factors ranging from the need for economic and sustainable mobility to the solidity of areas such as sharing and delivery. “Ours – commented the president of Ancma, Paolo Magri – is the sector that grows the most in the field of electric mobility, we are facing significant numbers, which also say a lot about the capacity of companies”.

Analyzing the cross-section, what emerges is the real boom in battery-powered quadricycles, the so-called micro cars which recorded a growth of 74.1% for 7,043 units registered. The exploit is driven by a name outside the motorcycle sector: Citroën (Stellantis group) which is in first place in Italy and sold 3,614 Ami units in 2022 (10,000 since the 2020 launch in both the 14-year-old and “registered”).

The growth of scooters is significant and in particular of those registered with maximum power up to 11 kW which marked an increase of 56.9% for a total of almost 10 thousand pieces (9,836 to be precise. Market leader Niu, followed by Piaggio and by Seat.The presence of the Spanish house of the Volkswagen group gives a further measure of how far the car is entering the world of light urban mobility, also putting to ground the commercial strength of its widespread sales networks.

Also growing (+53.3% for 5,904 vehicles) are mopeds with maximum power up to 4 kW (the equivalent of a 50 cc thermal scooter) and on the podium are Vmoto Soco, Niu and Askoll.

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