Home Business Electric scooters and motorbikes, growth of 59% in 2022. Boom for micro cars: +74.1%

Electric scooters and motorbikes, growth of 59% in 2022. Boom for micro cars: +74.1%

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Electric scooters and motorbikes, growth of 59% in 2022. Boom for micro cars: +74.1%

The two-wheeler market closes 2022 with +59%. Registrations of zero-impact mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and quadricycles in Italy continue to grow and electric two-wheelers are making their way into urban mobility.

Just look at 2018, when overall the sell out was just over 4,200 vehicles, to read in the over 23,300 registrations of the year that has just finished the path of growth. The 2022 summary was presented in Milan by Confindustria AncmaA (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories).

Thanks to the favorable boost of purchase incentives and the advance of sharing opportunities, 2022 records a positive sign in all segments. In fact, mopeds (+53.3% with 5,904 vehicles put on the road) and scooters (+56.9% and 9,896 vehicles registered). On the other hand, the increase in the motorcycle segment was more contained, registering 540 units and closing at +7.5%. Finally, with 7,043 vehicles and a growth of 74.1%, electric quadricycles (micro cars) are the protagonists of a real exploit, confirming themselves as one of the newest and most interesting trends of the year.

As far as the distribution on the territory is concerned, Rome, Milan and Trento are respectively the three cities with the highest density of electric vehicles, while Catania and Palermo are the provinces where the market has grown the most in percentage terms in the last two years. Southern Italy confirms itself as a protagonist also in the increase – again between 2020 and 2022 – of the quadricycle market with Palermo, Catania and Naples, which get on the podium of the territories with the best performances. Turin is instead the city where the greatest percentage growth has been witnessed in the motorcycle market, followed by Florence and Palermo, while Catania, Bergamo and Trento take the top three positions for the moped segment.

«Ours is the fastest growing sector in the field of electric mobility, we are facing significant numbers, which – commented the president of Ancma Paul Magri – also say a lot about the ability of the companies we represent to produce ever more innovative and usable vehicles. And which confirm the importance of continuing to support this area to help it reach the maturity it deserves, not only in percentage terms. It is a very interesting moment for two-wheelers: today electric has come to represent just over 8% of the entire market and supports an overall sustainable and advanced thermal offer, which makes our country the leader in sales and production in Europe”.

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