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Electricity contract, agreement reached: increase of 225 euros on the minimum

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Electricity contract, agreement reached: increase of 225 euros on the minimum

Elettricità Futura, Utilitalia, Energia Libera and the representatives of the main electricity companies in the country, from Enel, to Terna, Sogin, Gse, have reached an agreement with the sector unions, Filctem, Flaei and Uiltec, for the renewal of the national collective agreement in the electricity sector. The agreement concerns about 60 thousand workers and 130 companies and is valid for the three-year period 2022-2024. On the economic front, it recognizes an increase of € 243 for workers, of which € 225 on minimums, € 15 on productivity and € 3 on welfare.

Beyond the economic part that recognizes an important increase to workers, this agreement is important for the very innovative cultural path that it carries out both on the issues of the energy and digital transition, and on participation. In a note, the representatives of the companies explain that “to encourage the maximum involvement of workers and put people at the center of this epochal transformation, the document” Protocol for the enhancement of the person in the company “and the” Guidelines for the development of participation in companies in the electricity sector “».

Given the strong repercussions of the transformations in the world of work on organizational models and skills, “the role of the Sector Observatory was strengthened and a National Joint Commission was set up to investigate the impact on traditional electrical professions and the related effects on versatility. of the activities carried out, and to carry out a recognition of the new emerging professional skills and competences ». The Commission will allow the in-depth study of the evolution of the profiles in view of the new classification system. The rules on apprenticeship and training were also updated and particular emphasis was also given to the policies on the reconciliation of work-life times and equal opportunities.

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Once the renewal of the electricity contract has been filed, the negotiations for the Energy and Oil contract will begin on Thursday.

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