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Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini also trumped by Tajani. And Santanchè: “A technician”

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Emilia Romagna, Bonaccini also trumped by Tajani.  And Santanchè: “A technician”

Stefano Bonaccini, compact majority: he will not be the flood commissioner in Emilia Romagna. Photo Lapresse

Emilia, Bonaccini will not be commissioner: compact majority

The name of the is still missing commissioner for the emergency in Emilia Romagna. The government takes time and this increases the irritation of the president Stefano Bonaccini, who hoped to receive the assignment. But too many doubts about his management and the protests of territorial experts on excessive soil consumption and the lack of maintenance, caused Meloni to stop his name. Now however, in addition to the doubts raised by the League and by Salviniwho put forward the hypothesis of entrusting the task to the general Sonalso comes the harsh words of Tajani. The deputy premier and number two of Forza Italia, in fact, in an interview stopped the candidacy of the exponent of the Democratic Party. “The commissioner? I think he needs someone who can devote himself full time“.

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For Bonaccini, who at the rebirth of his Region has been dedicating itself for almost two decades, – continues the Corriere – it is one ice cold shower. “This nomination does not become one political dispute with a electoral calculation for the next regional ones, because it would be disrespectful of the people of Romagna and of what happened. To Tajani I say of come and listen companies and mayors, trade unions and workers on what we did after earthquake“. But to make matters worse against Bonaccini the words of the Minister of Tourism also arrive Santanchè of Fdi: “Choosing a technician? Normal and legitimate hypothesis. No one should resent it”. Palazzo Chigi postpones the choice, yet the swirl of eligible candidates does not stop, from Francesco Paolo Son a Nicola Of Waterup to Fabrizio Curcio.

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