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Emilia-Romagna Healthcare, 400 million hole. Bonaccini risks the commissioner

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Emilia-Romagna Healthcare, 400 million hole.  Bonaccini risks the commissioner

Golden managerial positions, agreements with medical cooperatives, contracts, out-of-control purchases. How the hole in Emilia was created. The medics are abandoning ship. The Region cuts right and left and has been trying to privatize Healthcare for years but uses the storytelling of the “public first”. For the same situation Campania, Calabria and Lazio have been commissioned

Lawyer, Lhe knows the matter well: this hole in the hole is real SEmilian company worth 400 million euros?

“It’s real, it was already transferred to the budget in December by the Health Department”

Is the 400 million euro hole really indicated in the Region’s budget?

The lawyer Marta Evangelisti (FdI)

“Yes, it’s in the Region’s budget. This hole is in the health budget and as we know, Healthcare accounts for 80% of the general budget of the Region, so it’s an important, existing hole, because it was declared by those who govern us”

Caxis of implication? Un possible commissioner? Come was done for thee Regioni Campania, Calabria or Lazio?

“It necessarily implies the need for a return. But the councilor’s office reverses the situation nationally, saying that the hole derives exclusively from the non-repayment of Covid expenses and from the increase in energy costs. So they expect total coverage from the national government. But it is impossible to argue that it is chargeable to the government for five months of Meloni. Covid expenses and high energy prices have been there for all Regions. The Emilia-Romagna Region has spent uncontrollably on the Covid emergency, without agreeing , without making sure there was at least a minimum reimbursement budget from the State, so he did this as he made other choices that don’t add up to the health sector”

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What will the government do?

“The government has partially reimbursed them, as it has done with all the Regions. But the budget was already burdened by previous years and by wrong choices. So we would like a detailed examination of this balance sheet, that is, we would like to understand. It is evident that in the budget as they set it, everything adds up and there is only this hole, but we are interested in understanding how this money was spent”

And what are these bad choices?

“There really is a wrong political management. For example, the cuts to the emergency-urgency, to 118, to territorial assistance in Romagna but at the same time the former manager Aifa Magrini is given an assignment within the Asl Romagna company for 730,000 euros in 5 years. On the one hand you cut my services and on the other you appoint me managers with these figures? There is something not right

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