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Energy from algae: first plant in Cilento

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Energy from algae: first plant in Cilento

Miras Energia, a company of the Sarim group, is working together with the Municipality of Pollica (Salerno) to develop the first plant in Europe for the production of biomethane from beached Posidonia Oceanica. Thanks to the partnership with the Canadian environmental research company Anaergia, Miras has developed an innovative project that overcomes the current problems of treatment of this type of material, which have made its disposal so far complicated.

1.3 milioni in kWh

In Cilento, therefore, in Acciaroli, within the Municipality of Pollica, a biomethane plant produced through the processing of beached Posidonia oceanica and a remaining portion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste will be built in project financing.

The feasibility study shows that in the face of the reduced size of the plant (which will receive just two trucks a day), the production of approximately 1.3 million kWh of electricity per year is expected, which will be supplied at a discounted rate to members of the Community. Energy in the process of being established by the Municipality of Pollica.

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