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Energy, government gives green light to regulations on the protected market

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Energy, government gives green light to regulations on the protected market

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Green light of cabinet to the new regulatory provision on protected market in the electricity supply sector. “The decision – according to what Palazzo Chigi communicates – is in line with the commitments undertaken as part of the third installment of the PNRR, and was necessary to guarantee a gradual and informed transition to the free market”.
Approximately four and a half million vulnerable families will continue to benefit from electricity supplies at controlled prices also following the liberalization of the market, provided for by Law no. 124 of 2017 and the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) expected in 2021 as a condition for the payment of the third instalment. For the other families, currently in the protected market and corresponding to around four and a half million users, measures are introduced to ensure maximum information and the best conditions in the transition to the free electricity market, which already concerns around 21 million families .

This is what is established by the provisions included in the energy decree, approved today by the Council of Ministers, and aimed at regulating the gradual transition to the free market of the nine million domestic users who still benefit from the protected market, “while strengthening the tools aimed at preventing unjustified price increases and possible alterations in the conditions of electricity supply”, underlines the Presidency of the Council.
Limited to the supply of electricity to non-vulnerable families, the economic operators who will take over the supply will be identified by 10 January 2024.

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An information campaign is born

Users affected by the transition to the free market will be the recipients of a specific information campaign, as well as the main beneficiaries of constant monitoring of operators’ activities and price trends defined by ARERA in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Safety energy and with the involvement of the most representative consumer associations.

Furthermore, simplifications are introduced in relation to the transfer of bank direct debit for the payment of bills, which will be issued on a necessarily bimonthly basis, without prejudice to the user’s freedom to choose a supplier other than the one assigned following the outcome of the competitive procedures and a different payment method.

In compliance with the Pnrr

“In compliance with the commitments undertaken with the PNRR and in coherence with the European regulation of the sector – explains Palazzo Chigi -, the methods of supplying electricity will be defined in favor of the weakest social groups (vulnerable users), providing for a supply obligation on the economic operator identified following a public tender procedure regulated by ARERA. For these users, the maintenance of controlled prices is guaranteed even after the definitive cessation of the protected market regime”.

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