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Energy, the CDM gives the green light to 8 plants for renewables. News also for healthcare contracts and access to public employment

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Energy, the CDM gives the green light to 8 plants for renewables.  News also for healthcare contracts and access to public employment

ROME. The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Draghi, approved the approval of the positive judgment of environmental compatibility for eight projects of electricity production plants powered by renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic and geothermal energy), for a total power equal to about 314 megawatts. In detail, these are three projects to be carried out in Puglia, three in Basilicata and two in Tuscany.

The resolutions adopted replace the environmental impact assessment provision (EIA) for all purposes. The projects in question concern a wind farm in the municipalities of San Mauro Forte, Salandra and Garaguso (Matera), for a power of 72.8 megawatts, that of “Venusia” in the municipalities of Venosa and Maschito, in the province of Potenza, of 36 megawatt, and two in the province of Foggia: one in the municipalities of San Paolo di Civitate in the Masseria Difensola area, and Poggio Imperiale in the La Colonnella area (31.35 megawatts), and that of “Serra Palino” in the municipalities of Sant’Agata di Puglia and Candela (48 megawatts). The 60 megawatt project for the “Copertino” agri-ovi-photovoltaic plant in the municipalities of Copertino and Galatina, in the province of Lecce, has also received the green light. The research permit was then approved for the “Cortolla” geothermal pilot plant, in the Municipality of Montecatini Val di Cecina (Pisa), with 5 electric megawatts; the extension of the term of validity of the environmental impact assessment provision for the construction of the 55.8 megawatt wind power plant in the municipalities of Muro Lucano, Bella and Balvano, in the province of Potenza; and the “Castelnuovo” geothermal pilot plant.

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The Council of Ministers also authorized the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, to express the favorable opinion of the Government on the hypothesis of a national collective labor agreement for the staff of the three-year Health sector 2019-2021, signed on 15 June 2022 by the Agency for the negotiating representation of public administrations (ARAN) and by confederations and representative trade union organizations. The contract applies to all personnel with permanent and fixed-term employment relationships employed by all the companies and entities of the sector indicated in Article 6 of the National Framework Collective Agreement (CCNQ) on the definition of the sectors of 3 August 2021 (eg : health companies, hospitals of the National Health Service).

The Council of Ministers also approved, again on the proposal of Minister Brunetta and in preliminary examination, a regulation that introduces changes to the decree of the President of the Republic of 9 May 1994, regarding the rules on access to jobs in public administrations and the methods of carrying out of competitions, single competitions and other forms of recruitment in public employment. The text establishes that fixed-term and open-ended employment in public administrations takes place through public competitions, “oriented towards maximum participation, which take place in ways that guarantee impartiality, economy and speed of completion, resorting, where necessary, with the aid of automated systems also aimed at creating forms of pre-selection and decentralized selections by territorial district “.

Public employment
The general requirements for access to public employment are established and, with respect to the previous legislation, the provision is introduced that holders of refugee or subsidiary protection status and citizens of third countries who are in possession of the permit to participate in the competitions EU residence for long-term residents, an adequate knowledge of the Italian language, the enjoyment of civil and political rights in the country of origin or origin and all the other requisites envisaged for Italian citizens. Furthermore, in order to guarantee gender balance in public administrations, the call is expected to contain, for each of the qualifications offered, the percentage of gender representativeness in the administration that announces it. If the difference between genders is greater than 30%, with equal qualifications and merit, the title of preference in favor of the less represented gender is applied.

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