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Eng: negotiation on the new contract. Boom of candidacies to get on board the newco

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Nothing happened, as expected, in the second round of the negotiations initiated by Ita, the newco led by Alfredo Altavilla and Fabio Lazzerini, with the unions to reach a contractual agreement for the future staff of the company. The meeting on Friday 27 August did not in fact reduce the distance between the airline and the workers’ representatives. Ita wants to close quickly because on 15 October it will officially turn on the engines of its aircraft and aims to obtain the green light from the unions on a new contract which, according to what the executive president of Ita Altavilla said in recent days, “must be innovative and able to ensure structural competitiveness of the company with competitors ».

The positions of Ita and trade unions in the negotiation

The company line is therefore clear and the times, as mentioned, are very tight. But the trade unions, for now, seem light years away from the counterpart: they want the negotiation to have the national collective bargaining agreement as a basis, they ask to re-discuss the industrial plan of the newco (which, however, has already collected the EU stamp and therefore cannot be renegotiated in any way) and urge the government to intervene both to ensure protection for the workers of the old Az, who will not be immediately reabsorbed by Ita, and to talk about the launch of the latter. At the negotiating table there were all the sector acronyms: Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti, Ugl Air Transport, Usb, Anpac, Anpav and Anp. There was, however, the employer association Assaereo which had also been invited by Ita, which, however, exercised the right to withdraw from the same.

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The roadmap

On Monday there will be the third appointment and it is clear that the two sides will have to somehow get closer if the club wants to close the game, as already announced, by 20 September. Next week, then, the response of the commissioners of the old Az is also awaited, who will have to express themselves on Ita’s offer for the aviation branch and who are working hard to allow the game to continue. On which the final decision of Brussels should arrive, by next September 5, which, as is well known, has imposed very tight limits on the newco to grant its green light to the operation. On Wednesday 1 September, however, there will be a new confrontation between the commissioners and the unions on the fate of the old Alitalia and the staff currently in extraordinary administration.

The race for the brand

First of all, on the brand that must be banned by the commissioner in the 7 days following the publication of the EU verdict: Ita, as already clarified, will be able to participate in the tender, the outcome of which is obviously difficult to predict and will greatly depend on the criteria with which the commissioners will write the announcement. Another chapter, then, that of handling and maintenance: also on this front, the dictates of the European Commission are very clear. No transfer of assets from the old Az to Ita, but an obligatory passage through two tenders, in which the new airline will be able to participate only after identifying a partner and setting up a newco.

The chapter on handling and maintenance

While the race for the brand will take place before October 15, when Ita is fully operational, the handling and maintenance tenders will certainly be celebrated after that deadline and, therefore, for that date, the company will sign a service contract with the company. old Az to carry out the service connected to these two fronts. Then, when the call is launched, the company will take part in the competition and in the meantime it is continuing talks to identify the potential ally.

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